Lina [lee-nuh] Examples noun

  1. a female given name.

Examples from the Web for lina Contemporary Examples of lina

  • Lina Viktor: Arcadia is on display through July 11 at Gallery 151 in New York City.

    Lina Viktor Is the Artist Who Paints With Gold

    Erin Cunningham

    May 23, 2014

  • A talented 19-year-old singer named Lina Makhoul is the winner of this season’s The Voice Israel.

    Reality TV: The Way To Israeli Consensus?

    Tzvi Gottlieb

    April 3, 2013

  • Lina never came to terms with the tragedy of her life, nor did the country that was its stage for many years.

    This Week’s Hot Reads: March 18, 2013

    Jimmy So, G. Clay Whittaker

    March 20, 2013

  • He lives with his wife, Caroline, and their daughters, Elise and Lina.

    The Way the Wind Blows

    Scott Simon

    December 21, 2008

  • Historical Examples of lina

  • So you see, Lina, that you must not think of seeing me in less than a month.

    Sir William Herschel: His Life and Works

    Edward Singleton Holden

  • Here Maggie made her stand up, and Lina put on her dress and fastened it.

    Funny Little Socks

    Sarah. L. Barrow

  • But, come, Lina, how shall we dress Miss Isabella to get married?

    Funny Little Socks

    Sarah. L. Barrow

  • I forgot all about it, Lina; but we came in just to invite you.

    Hooking Watermelons

    Edward Bellamy

  • Lina was indeed fulfilling her promise with generous over-measure.

    Hooking Watermelons

    Edward Bellamy

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