Lincoln green

Lincoln green

Lincoln green ExamplesWord Origin noun

  1. an olive-green color.
  2. British Obsolete. a forester’s outfit, perhaps of bright green: clad in Lincoln green.

Origin of Lincoln green 1500–10; so called from the color of a fabric originally made in Lincoln, England Examples from the Web for lincoln green Historical Examples of lincoln green

  • They were all shouting gaily, and the stream was bright with their scarlet cloaks, Lincoln-green jerkins, and gold embroidery.

    Master Skylark

    John Bennett

  • Robin was clothed in a gay scarlet dress and his men wore their mantles of Lincoln-green cloth.

    Robin Hood

    Paul Creswick

  • British Dictionary definitions for lincoln green Lincoln green noun

      1. a yellowish-green or brownish-green colour
      2. (as adjective)a Lincoln-green suit
    1. a cloth of this colour

    Word Origin for Lincoln green C16: so named after a green fabric formerly made at Lincoln, England

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