linguine or lin·gui·ni [ling-gwee-nee] Word Origin See more synonyms for linguine on noun Italian Cookery.

  1. a type of pasta in long, slender, flat strips.

Origin of linguine 1945–50; Italian, plural of linguina, diminutive of lingua tongue; see -ine1 Related Words for linguine tortellini, ravioli, macaroni, spaghetti, linguine, gnocchi, fettuccini, rigatoni, shells, vermicelli, ziti, lasagna, manicotti, orzo British Dictionary definitions for linguine linguine linguini noun

  1. a kind of pasta in the shape of thin flat strands

Word Origin for linguine from Italian: small tongues Word Origin and History for linguine n.

1948, from Italian linguine, plural of linguina “little tongue,” diminutive of lingua “tongue,” from Latin lingua “tongue” (see lingual).

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