Lipizzaner [lip-it-sah-ner] noun

  1. Lippizaner.

Lippizaner or Lip·iz·za·ner, Lip·piz·za·na Lip·piz·zan·er [lip-it-sah-ner] noun

  1. one of a breed of compact, finely shaped, usually gray or white horses developed at the Austrian Imperial Stud and used generally in dressage exhibitions.

Origin of Lippizaner 1925–30; German, equivalent to Lippizan of Lippiza (near Trieste, where the Stud was located) + -er -er1 British Dictionary definitions for lipizzaner Lipizzaner noun

  1. a breed of riding and carriage horse used by the Spanish Riding School in Vienna and nearly always grey in colour

Word Origin for Lipizzaner German, after Lipizza, near Trieste, where these horses were bred Lippizaner noun

  1. a variant spelling of Lipizzaner
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