Lipton [lip-tuh n] Examples noun

  1. Seymour,1903–1986, U.S. sculptor.
  2. Sir Thomas John·stone [jon-stuh n, -suh n] /ˈdʒɒn stən, -sən/, 1850–1931, Scottish merchant and yacht racer.

Examples from the Web for lipton Contemporary Examples of lipton

  • The international model showcased her voice in an ad campaign for Lipton iced tea that appeared in Japan.

    Miranda Kerr Records Elvis Cover, Beyonce Performs in Versace

    The Fashion Beast Team

    February 24, 2014

  • Even without the evidence marshaled by Bebchuk, Brav and Jiang, Lipton’s complaint was always a bit far-fetched.

    Welcome to the Golden Age of Activist Investors


    August 15, 2013

  • The crafty ones might make Lipton tea-bag earrings or festive patriotic embroidered sweaters.

    Tea Party Fashion

    Rebecca Dana

    April 14, 2010

  • Historical Examples of lipton

  • Lipton, Earle, and the staff came hurrying from the blockhouse.

    The Scarlet Lake Mystery

    Harold Leland Goodwin

  • Lipton’s place he frequented, and the Bowdoin House he could find.

    Felix O’Day

    F. Hopkinson Smith

  • A Lipton’s Tea ‘bus is the only one we can see plainly in this sort of weather, and so we always take it.

    Penelope’s English Experiences

    Kate Douglas Wiggin

  • When Salemina and I go into a cafe for tea we ask the young woman if they serve Lipton’s, and if they say yes, we take coffee.

    Penelope’s English Experiences

    Kate Douglas Wiggin

  • Befure we die, Sir Lipton’ll come over here f’r that Cup again an’ we’ll bate him be gettin’ out an overnight injunction.

    Mr. Dooley’s Philosophy

    Finley Peter Dunne

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