listeria [li-steer-ee-uh] Word Origin noun Bacteriology.

  1. any of several rod-shaped, aerobic, parasitic bacteria of the genus Listeria, pathogenic for humans and animals.

Origin of listeria 1960–65; New Latin, named after J. Lister; see -ia British Dictionary definitions for listeria listeria noun

  1. any rodlike Gram-positive bacterium of the genus Listeria, esp L. monocytogenes, the cause of listeriosis

Derived Formslisterial, adjectiveWord Origin for listeria C20: named after Joseph Lister listeria in Medicine Listeria [lĭ-stîr′ē-ə] n.

  1. A genus of aerobic parasitic bacteria containing small, coccoid, gram-positive rods that tend to form chains of three to five members. They are found in the feces of humans and other animals, on vegetation, and in silage.

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