lithophyte [lith-uh-fahyt] ExamplesWord Origin noun

  1. Zoology. a polyp with a hard or stony structure, as a coral.
  2. Botany. any plant growing on the surface of rocks.

Origin of lithophyte First recorded in 1765–75; litho- + -phyte Related formslith·o·phyt·ic [lith-uh-fit-ik] /ˌlɪθ əˈfɪt ɪk/, adjective Examples from the Web for lithophyte Historical Examples of lithophyte

  • Lithophyte, lith′o-fīt, n. any one of the polyps whose substance is stony or hard, as corals.

    Chambers’s Twentieth Century Dictionary (part 2 of 4: E-M)


  • British Dictionary definitions for lithophyte lithophyte noun

    1. a plant that grows on rocky or stony ground
    2. an organism, such as a coral, that is partly composed of stony material

    Derived Formslithophytic (ˌlɪθəˈfɪtɪk), adjective lithophyte in Science lithophyte [lĭth′ə-fīt′]

    1. A plant that grows on rock and derives its nourishment chiefly from the atmosphere.
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