lithotripter [lith-uh-trip-ter] Word Origin noun

  1. a device used for fragmenting kidney stones with ultrasound waves.

Origin of lithotripter 1815–25; respelling, with -er1, of litho(n)triptor instrument for crushing kidney stones, pseudo- L derivative (cf. captor, raptor) of litho(n)triptic, ultimately based on the Greek phrase (phármaka tôn en nephroîs) líthōn thryptiká (drugs) breaking up stones (in the kidneys); trip- by association with Greek trī́bein to rub, knead, pound (verbal adjective trīptós) British Dictionary definitions for lithotripter lithotripter noun

  1. a machine that pulverizes kidney stones by ultrasound as an alternative to their surgical removal

lithotripter in Medicine lithotripter [lĭth′ə-trĭp′tər] n.

  1. A device that pulverizes kidney stones by passing shock waves through a water-filled tub in which the patient sits. The procedure creates stone fragments small enough to be expelled in the urine.

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