loader [loh-der] ExamplesWord Origin noun

  1. a person or thing that loads.
  2. a self-propelled machine with a shovel or bucket at the end of articulated arms, used to raise earth or other material and load it into a dump truck.

Origin of loader Middle English loder; see load, -er1 Examples from the Web for loader Historical Examples of loader

  • I was stationed at the braces, and quartered at the long thirty-two as second loader.

    Ned Myers

    James Fenimore Cooper

  • With the Wenman, who drove the wain, we may mention the Leader or Loader.

    The Romance of Names

    Ernest Weekley

  • Then suddenly the loader relaxed his grip and lay limp and still.

    Punch or the London Charivari, September 9, 1914


  • “Lend me a loader for half an hour, Sir William,” he begged.

    The Double Four

    E. Phillips Oppenheim

  • One of the men of the crew was the loader, and he was likewise able to fire the piece.

    America’s Munitions 1917-1918

    Benedict Crowell

  • British Dictionary definitions for loader loader noun

    1. a person who loads a gun or other firearm
    2. (in combination) designating a firearm or machine loaded in a particular waybreech-loader; top-loader
    3. computing a system program that takes a program in a form close to machine code and places it into a memory for execution

    Word Origin and History for loader n.

    late 15c., “person who loads,” agent noun from load (v.). Of machinery, by 1862.

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