Locatelli [loh-kuh-tel-ee; Italian law-kah-tel-lee] EXAMPLES| noun Pie·tro [pee-ey-troh; Italian pye-traw] /piˈeɪ troʊ; Italian ˈpyɛ trɔ/, 1695–1764, Italian violinist and composer. Liberaldictionary.com

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  • Burney says that “Locatelli had more hand, caprice, and fancy than any Violinist of his time.”

    The Violin

    George Hart

  • But Locatelli was not very successful, and his tenure only lasted three years.

    The Russian Opera

    Rosa Newmarch

  • Locatelli and Vivaldi came under the influence of the Italian Opera.


    Romain Rolland

  • Now, he busied himself with the studies of Locatelli, whose extravagances almost equalled his own.

    Nicolo Paganini: His Life and Work

    Stephen Samuel Stratton

  • As regards mere extravagance and eccentricity of execution, Paganini was surpassed by Locatelli.

    Nicolo Paganini: His Life and Work

    Stephen Samuel Stratton

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