Sunday , September 27 2020
Lotto on Saturday: Chance of 26 million euros - so you play online

Lotto on Saturday: Use your last chance to win 22 million euros

The lottery numbers were first drawn publicly on October 9, 1955, the first drawing on television took place about 10 years later. Because in September 1965 the ARD broadcast the drawing of "6 from 49" for the first time on TV.

However, you can no longer watch them live on TV. Until June 29, 2013, this was still possible on Wednesdays on ZDF and on Saturdays on the first – today you can only watch the drawing of the lottery numbers in the livestream on Wednesday and Saturday evenings.

In almost 50 years of lottery draws shown on television, there have of course been various Glitches. In July 2002 the lottery drum broke after the first three numbers were drawn and the process had to be continued with a replacement device.

In May 2005, the Lottofee Franziska Reichenbacher read the additional number incorrectly because the director had to enter it due to a technical breakdown. Another strange lottery breakdown can be seen in this video:

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