Sunday , September 27 2020

Lovely Madness – Indian Express

Supermen of Malegaon

Director: Faiza Ahmad Khan;

Cast: Shafique, Sheikh Nasir, Akram Khan

Rating: ****

Rarely have I seen such a joyous celebration of the madness cinema is. The locus is Malegaon, a small town a few hundred kilometres off Mumbai. The latter is the home of the big budget multi-starrers that keep us in thrall; the former a town which produces lickety-spit rip-offs of major movies. A few residents of Malegon recognise that movies are magic; they also prove that to recreate that magic what you need primarily is imagination. If you have that, and a will, and inventiveness, you can get superman to fly. See, see, there he goes. Here’s delightful proof that a flight of fancy is no prisoner to big bucks. All you need is imagination. Faiza Ahmad Khan’s hour-long documentary tracks these supermen, whose determination to make movies harks back to those pioneers who must have done these things exactly like Sheikh and leading man Shafique do, a hundred years ago.

At one level, we watch this film unit and its unique struggles to make Malegoan Ka Superman: the director comes up with such a wonderful solution to the very expensive chroma screen that he can’t afford, that you fall in love with his enthusiasm. As well as his crew (the word “motley” comes to mind) who match him in resourcefulness and cheer and sheer goodwill. Khan’s camera is a friendly fly on the wall, capturing the making of the film, which has travelled around the world for the past four years gathering accolades at film festivals, in a spirit that is inclusive and incisive.

At another, it is the story of contemporary India. The story of a small town whose communal make-up is apparent, without it being rubbed in. The cast and crew is mostly Muslim, mostly not well-off, mostly from amongst those who work with their hands. Malegaon’s Superman (Shafique) a scrawny fellow whose ability to soar in the skies is never in any doubt despite the technical and financial glitches, comes from a family of weavers. His day job is to work at his family loom: in his spare time, he wears the cape and the chaddi and prepares to rescue his girl, and save the universe.

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