noun, plural M-1’s.

  1. a semiautomatic, gas-operated, .30 caliber, clip-fed rifle, with a weight of 8.56 pounds (3.88 kg): the standard U.S. Army rifle in World War II and in the Korean War.

  1. mach.
  2. Music. major.
  3. male.
  4. married.
  5. Medieval.
  6. medium.
  7. mega-.
  8. Middle.
  9. modal auxiliary.
  10. modifier.
  11. Economics. monetary aggregate: issued periodically by the Federal Reserve Board as various measures of money supply (M-1, M-1A, M-2, etc.).Compare L
  12. British. motorway (used with a road number to designate a major highway): the M1.

symbol for

  1. the amount of money in circulation in notes, coin, current accounts, and deposit accounts transferable by cheque

noun plural m’s, M’s or Ms

  1. the 13th letter and tenth consonant of the modern English alphabet
  2. a speech sound represented by this letter, usually a bilabial nasal, as in mat

symbol for

  1. metre(s)
  2. mile(s)
  3. milli-
  4. minute(s)

symbol for

  1. mach
  2. medium (size)
  3. mega-
  4. currency mark(s)
  5. million
  6. astronomy Messier catalogue; a catalogue published in 1784, in which 103 nebulae and clusters are listed using a numerical systemM13 is the globular cluster in Hercules
  7. Middle
  8. physics modulus
  9. (in Britain) motorwaythe M1 runs from London to Leeds
  10. (in Australia)
    1. mature audience (used to describe a category of film certified as suitable for viewing by anyone over the age of 15)
    2. (as modifier)an M film
  11. logic the middle term of a syllogism
  12. physics mutual inductance
  13. chem molar
  14. (Roman numeral) 1000See Roman numerals

abbreviation for

  1. Malta (international car registration)

13th letter, from Greek mu, from Semitic mem. The Roman symbol for 1,000; sometimes used in this sense in English 15c.-16c.; but in late 20c. newspaper headlines it stands for million. As a thickness of type, from 1680s. abbr.

  1. mass
  2. meter


  1. molar1
  2. molarity
  3. morgan
  4. myopia

  1. Abbreviation of mass, meter
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