1. a combining form meaning “large,” “long,” “great,” “excessive,” used in the formation of compound words, contrasting with micro-: macrocosm; macrofossil; macrograph; macroscopic.

combining form

  1. large, long, or great in size or durationmacroscopic
  2. (in pathology) indicating abnormal enlargement or overdevelopmentmacrocyte Compare micro- (def. 5)
  3. producing larger than life imagesmacrophotography

word-forming element meaning “long, abnormally large, on a large scale,” taken into English via Middle French and Medieval Latin from Greek makros “long, large,” from PIE root *mak- “long, thin” (cf. Latin macer “lean, thin;” Old Norse magr, Old English mæger “lean, thin;” Greek mekos “length”). pref.

  1. Large:macronucleus.
  2. Long:macrobiotic.
  3. Inclusive:macroamylase.

  1. A prefix meaning “large,” as in macromolecule, a large molecule.

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