noun Physics.

  1. a unit of magnetic moment, used in measuring the magnetic moment of atomic and subatomic particles.


  1. Also called: Bohr magneton a unit of magnetic moment equal to eh /4π m where e and m are the charge and mass of an electron and h is the Planck constant. It has the value 9.274 096 × 10 –24 joule per teslaSymbol: β, m B
  2. Also called: nuclear magneton a similar unit equal to β m / M where M is the mass of the proton

  1. A unit of the magnetic dipole moment of a molecular, atomic, or subatomic particle.♦ The Bohr magneton is defined as the magnetic dipole moment of the electron due to its inherent spin angular momentum, and is equal to 9.2741 X 10-24 joules per tesla. Also called Landé factor♦ The nuclear magneton is defined using the electric charge and rest mass of the proton, and is equal to 5.0508 X 10-27 joules per tesla.

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