malpighian corpuscle

malpighian corpuscle

Malpighian corpuscle Word Origin noun Anatomy.

  1. Also called kidney corpuscle, Malpighian body. the structure at the beginning of a vertebrate nephron, consisting of a glomerulus and its surrounding Bowman’s capsule.
  2. a compact aggregation of lymphoid tissue surrounding an arteriole in the spleen.

Origin of Malpighian corpuscle First recorded in 1840–50 British Dictionary definitions for malpighian corpuscle Malpighian corpuscle Malpighian body noun

  1. anatomy an encapsulated cluster of capillaries at the end of each urine-secreting tubule of the kidney

malpighian corpuscle in Medicine malpighian corpuscle n.

  1. renal corpuscle
  2. Any of numerous small nodular masses of lymphoid tissue attached to the sides of the smaller arterial branches in the spleen.malpighian body splenic lymph follicle

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