Maltese [mawl-teez, -tees] ExamplesWord Origin adjective

  1. of or relating to Malta, its people, or their language.

noun, plural Mal·tese.

  1. a native or inhabitant of Malta.
  2. the Arabic dialect spoken in Malta, using many Italian words.

Origin of Maltese First recorded in 1605–15; Malt(a) + -ese Examples from the Web for maltese Contemporary Examples of maltese

  • Robert Graves thought Hammett was better than either Chandler or Asbury and called The Maltese Falcon, “a literary landmark.”

    The Man With Stories to Tell

    Allen Barra

    December 8, 2013

  • “So I called out of the clear blue sky with no agenda,” she remembers, as she holds up her Maltese, Max, for smooches.

    Meet Mariann From Brooklyn, Howard Stern’s Biggest Fan

    Kevin Fallon

    February 28, 2013

  • Not at all, as it turns out: He is worried about his little Maltese, which has a persistent liver infection.

    Paul Bremer’s Victory Lap

    Tunku Varadarajan

    March 29, 2010

  • Historical Examples of maltese

  • This cross, like that last named, is more like a Greek cross than a Maltese cross.

    The Non-Christian Cross

    John Denham Parsons

  • The foot should be small and round (in the maltese, pointed).

    Concerning Cats

    Helen M. Winslow

  • And I have a nice Maltese kitty, and a little bird that sings like everything.

    Harper’s Young People, June 15, 1880


  • We have a beautiful Maltese cat, and twelve little chickens.

    Harper’s Young People, June 29, 1880


  • I ‘m not sure he was not a Maltese; but such a salad as he could make!

    Tony Butler

    Charles James Lever

  • British Dictionary definitions for maltese Maltese adjective

    1. of or relating to Malta, its inhabitants, or their language


    1. plural -tese a native or inhabitant of Malta
    2. the official language of Malta, a form of Arabic with borrowings from Italian, etc
    3. a breed of toy dog having a very long straight silky white coat
    4. a domestic fancy pigeon having long legs and a long neck

    Word Origin and History for maltese Maltese

    from Malta + -ese. Maltese cat is attested from 1830; Maltese cross is from 1754 (earlier Malta cross, 1650s).

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