Manat [mah-naht] Examples noun

  1. a pre-Islamic Arabian goddess personifying fortune, sometimes considered a daughter of Allah.

Examples from the Web for manat Historical Examples of manat

  • She looked at the manat the horseat the man againand then said one wordBrute!

    Riding for Ladies

    Mrs. Power O’Donoghue

  • A third goddess, of the name of Manat, held sway in the district of Medinah; she was worshipped in a black shapeless stone.

    The History of Antiquity, Vol. I (of VI)

    Max Duncker

  • British Dictionary definitions for manat manat noun

    1. the standard monetary unit of Azerbaijan, divided into 100 gopik
    2. the standard monetary unit of Turkmenistan, divided into 100 tenesi
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