Manchester [man-ches-ter, -chuh-ster] Examples noun

  1. a city in NW England: connected with the Mersey estuary by a ship canal (35½ mi. [57 km] long).
  2. a city in S New Hampshire.
  3. a town in central Connecticut.

Examples from the Web for manchester Contemporary Examples of manchester

  • The documentary also follows the fortunes of Consuelo Yznaga, later Duchess of Manchester.

    The Real-Life ‘Downton’ Millionairesses Who Changed Britain

    Tim Teeman

    December 31, 2014

  • One of the more interesting splits in the book is the difference between your time at Manchester United versus at Everton.

    Tim Howard’s Wall of Intensity

    William O’Connor

    December 22, 2014

  • Howard is unsentimental when it comes to how he was treated at the end of his time at Manchester United.

    Tim Howard’s Wall of Intensity

    William O’Connor

    December 22, 2014

  • Five feet two inches tall, Cecilia Benattar came from a working-class background in Manchester, England.

    ‘Housewife Tycoon’ Took On ‘Mad Men’ NYC Real Estate Market and Won

    Vicky Ward

    October 26, 2014

  • SWAT teams from larger cities like Manchester and Nashua showed up early, Taylor said.

    Frat Culture Clashes With Riot Police at Keene, N.H., Pumpkin Festival

    Melanie Plenda

    October 19, 2014

  • Historical Examples of manchester

  • We rolled on, and entered the village of Manchester, bordering on the falls.

    Other Tales and Sketches

    Nathaniel Hawthorne

  • Our companion, who was anything but a pleasant one, left us at Manchester.

    The Autobiography of Sergeant William Lawrence

    William Lawrence

  • These Manchester men had little of the Crusader or Elizabethan but his valour.

    With Manchesters in the East

    Gerald B. Hurst

  • He was told: ‘You are a disgrace to the Manchester Regiment.’

    With Manchesters in the East

    Gerald B. Hurst

  • Perkins came to him, Perkins who had an agency in Manchester.

    Changing Winds

    St. John G. Ervine

  • British Dictionary definitions for manchester manchester noun Australian and NZ

    1. household linen or cotton goods, such as sheets and towels
    2. Also called: manchester department a section of a store where such goods are sold

    Word Origin for manchester from Manchester, England Manchester noun

    1. a city in NW England, in Manchester unitary authority, Greater Manchester: linked to the Mersey estuary by the Manchester Ship Canal : commercial, industrial, and cultural centre; formerly the centre of the cotton and textile trades; two universities. Pop: 394 269 (2001)Latin name: Man’cunium
    2. a unitary authority in NW England, in Greater Manchester. Pop: 432 500 (2003 est). Area: 116 sq km (45 sq miles)

    Word Origin and History for manchester Manchester

    Mameceastre (1086), from Mamucio (4c.), the original Celtic name, perhaps from *mamm “breast, breast-like hill” + Old English ceaster “Roman town” (see Chester). Adjective Mancunian is from the Medieval Latin form of the place-name, Mancunium.

    manchester in Culture Manchester

    City in northwestern England about thirty miles east of Liverpool.

    Note Manchester is one of England’s most important economic, industrial, trade, and finance centers, and the heart of the most densely populated area of England.

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