Manganin [mang-guh-nin] Examples Trademark.

  1. a brand name for an alloy of copper, manganese, and nickel, having various electrical applications.

Examples from the Web for manganin Historical Examples of manganin

  • The two principal alloys discovered by Dr. Weston, and used in his instruments, are manganin and nickelin.

    Inventors at Work

    George Iles

  • On the whole, manganin appears to be the best material for coil boxes and “secondary” resistance standards.

    On Laboratory Arts

    Richard Threlfall

  • British Dictionary definitions for manganin Manganin noun

    1. trademark an alloy of copper containing manganese (13–18 per cent) and nickel (1–4 per cent): it has a high electrical resistance that does not vary greatly with temperature and is used in resistors
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