mangey [meyn-jee] Examples adjective, man·gi·er, man·gi·est.

  1. mangy.

mangy or man·gey [meyn-jee] adjective, man·gi·er, man·gi·est.

  1. having, caused by, or like the mange.
  2. contemptible; mean: a mangy trick.
  3. squalid; shabby: a mangy little suburb.

Origin of mangy First recorded in 1520–30; mange + -y1 Related formsman·gi·ly, adverbman·gi·ness, noun Examples from the Web for mangey Historical Examples of mangey

  • It was one of those little one-ring affairs, you know, with a mangey camel, and a moth-eaten lion and a troop of trained dogs.

    Quarter-Back Bates

    Ralph Henry Barbour

  • Of course, the mangey creature—ceasing the while from its perennial self-scratching—will hoot something derogatory.

    Pickwickian Studies

    Percy Fitzgerald

  • British Dictionary definitions for mangey mangey adjective -gier or -giest

    1. a variant spelling of mangy

    mangy mangey adjective -gier or -giest

    1. having or caused by mangea mangy dog
    2. scruffy or shabbya mangy carpet
    3. Irish informal stingy or miserlya mangy reward

    Derived Formsmangily, adverbmanginess, noun Word Origin and History for mangey mangy adj.

    by 1745, from mange + -y (2).

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