mangosteen [mang-guh-steen] ExamplesWord Origin noun

  1. the juicy, edible fruit of an East Indian tree, Garcinia mangostana.
  2. the tree itself.

Origin of mangosteen 1590–1600; earlier mangostan Dutch Malay manggis(h)utan (dial. manggista) a variety of mangosteen (manggis mangosteen + hutan forest) Examples from the Web for mangosteen Historical Examples of mangosteen

  • Not even a mangosteen sprinkled with sugar could awaken his enthusiasm.

    Tales of the Malayan Coast

    Rounsevelle Wildman

  • I say,” whispered Frank, as he cut open a mangosteen, “do you notice anything?

    The Rajah of Dah

    George Manville Fenn

  • This variety is common in the Islands, and has often been mistaken for the Mangosteen.

    Fruits of the Hawaiian Islands

    Gerrit Parmile Wilder

  • No fruit in the world has won such praises as the mangosteen.


    George B. Bacon

  • The season of the mangosteen is the same with that of the durian.


    George B. Bacon

  • British Dictionary definitions for mangosteen mangosteen noun

    1. an East Indian tree, Garcinia mangostana, with thick leathery leaves and edible fruit: family Clusiaceae
    2. the fruit of this tree, having a sweet juicy pulp and a hard skin

    Word Origin for mangosteen C16: from Malay mangustan

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