Manhattanite [man-hat-n-ahyt, muh n-] ExamplesWord Origin noun

  1. a native or inhabitant of the borough of Manhattan.

Origin of Manhattanite An Americanism dating back to 1945–50; Manhattan + -ite1 Examples from the Web for manhattanite Contemporary Examples of manhattanite

  • While quick on his feet, funny, pointed and well-read, Stewart is a Manhattanite through and through.

    Jon Stewart and ‘Meet The Press’ Would Have Been One Unhappy Marriage

    Lloyd Grove

    October 9, 2014

  • Meet “Ford Nation,” where 15-year-olds call the shots and the rest of us are just “Manhattanite hipsters.”

    Inside the Wild World of Crack-Smoking Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s Facebook Defenders

    Gideon Resnick

    December 26, 2013

  • For a Manhattanite who was up to then a pretty standard liberal, he did something unusual.

    Ed Koch

    Michael Tomasky

    February 1, 2013

  • Historical Examples of manhattanite

  • The Manhattanite knows him to be wrong by a matter of three thousand and some odd miles.

    Fifth Avenue

    Arthur Bartlett Maurice

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