Mannes [man-is] Examples noun

  1. Leopold Damrosch,1899–1964, U.S. composer and chemist.

Examples from the Web for mannes Historical Examples of mannes

  • The tenth, not to couete nor desyre no mannes goodes vnlefullye.

    Shakespeare Jest-Books;


  • The seuenthe (eighth), to stele nor depryue no mannes goodes by thefte.

    Shakespeare Jest-Books;


  • A worlde it was to see howe he marked every mannes worde that spake before him.

    The Town

    Leigh Hunt

  • But if a mannes soul were in his purse, For in his purse he should yfurnished be.

    Grisly Grisell

    Charlotte M. Yonge

  • Then thought I/ if I might come to this mannes service/ I were happye.

    The First Boke of Moses called Genesis

    William Tyndale

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