Manteca [man-tee-kuh] Examples noun

  1. a town in central California.

Examples from the Web for manteca Historical Examples of manteca

  • This fat is known by the name of butter or oil (manteca or aceite) of the Guacharo.

    At Last

    Charles Kingsley

  • From Manteca the road penetrated into contracting valleys, until finally it might, with propriety, be called a cañon road.

    In Indian Mexico (1908)

    Frederick Starr

  • A little before reaching Manteca, as we looked down from the height, we saw an immense train of pack-mules coming.

    In Indian Mexico (1908)

    Frederick Starr

  • Travellers should be cautioned against the captivating name of manteca Valenciana.

    Gatherings From Spain

    Richard Ford

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