Mantoux test

Mantoux test

Mantoux test [man-too, man-too; French mahn-too] Word Origin noun Medicine/Medical.

  1. a test for tuberculosis in which a hypersensitive reaction to an intracutaneous injection of tuberculin indicates a previous or current infection.

Origin of Mantoux test 1930–35; named after C. Mantoux (1877–1947), French physician British Dictionary definitions for mantoux test Mantoux test noun

  1. med a test for determining the presence of a tubercular infection by injecting tuberculin into the skin

Word Origin for Mantoux test C19: named after C. Mantoux, French physician (1877–1956) mantoux test in Medicine Mantoux test [măn-tōō′, män-] n.

  1. A tuberculin test in which a small amount of tuberculin is injected under the skin.
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