Maple Grove

Maple Grove

Maple Grove Examples noun

  1. a town in SE Minnesota.

Examples from the Web for maple grove Historical Examples of maple grove

  • This maple-grove, which has now become ever memorable, is included within the boundaries of Mission Park.

    Nature and Culture

    Harvey Rice

  • At times—often indeed—his thoughts wandered to the maple-grove and the old sugar-house, far away on the Hudson.

    The Air Trust

    George Allan England

  • The brightness of the morning was not lost on me, and before I reached the maple-grove I was buoyant and happy.

    Richard Vandermarck

    Miriam Coles Harris

  • Voices come down the hillside, and I see the slow movement of a hammock and the flutter of a dress in the maple-grove.

    The Heart of the White Mountains, Their Legend and Scenery

    Samuel Adams Drake

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