marais [mah-rey; French ma-re] ExamplesWord Origin noun, plural ma·rais [mah-reyz; French ma-re] /mɑˈreɪz; French maˈrɛ/. Gulf States (chiefly Louisiana ).

  1. a swamp or bayou.

Origin of marais 1785–95; North American French, French; Old French mareis Old Low Franconian *marisk; see marsh Marais [ma-re] noun

  1. Ma·rin [ma-ran] /maˈrɛ̃/, 1656–1728, French viola da gamba player and composer.

Examples from the Web for marais Contemporary Examples of marais

  • But this time, we also shot in St. Germain, as well as the Marais, which is filled with all these beautiful coffee shops.

    Chloe Sevigny on ‘The Cosmopolitans,’ New York’s Frat Boy Takeover, and ‘Asshole’ Michael Alig

    Marlow Stern

    August 24, 2014

  • Historical Examples of marais

  • We are improving the drama greatly; and the Marais has a good troupe, they tell me.

    Lord Montagu’s Page

    G. P. R. James

  • Raymond took up his abode in the Marais, where he lived respected.

    The Sharper Detected and Exposed

    Jean-Eugne Robert-Houdin

  • The summer night was hot and still; not a ripple of air swept over the marais.

    Bayou Folk

    Kate Chopin

  • This was also in the Marais, and not ten minutes’ walk from my own obscure lodging.

    Mohawks, Volume 2 of 3

    Mary Elizabeth Braddon

  • They lived in the Marais, then the theatrical quarter of Paris.

    Queens of the French Stage

    H. Noel Williams

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