marasmus [muh-raz-muh s] Word Origin noun Pathology.

  1. malnutrition occurring in infants and young children, caused by insufficient intake of calories or protein and characterized by thinness, dry skin, poor muscle development, and irritability.

Origin of marasmus 1650–60; New Latin Greek marasmós a wasting away, akin to maraínein to weaken, waste awayRelated formsma·ras·mic, adjectivema·ras·moid, adjective British Dictionary definitions for marasmic marasmus noun

  1. pathol general emaciation and wasting, esp of infants, thought to be associated with severe malnutrition or impaired utilization of nutrients

Derived Formsmarasmic, adjectiveWord Origin for marasmus C17: from New Latin, from Greek marasmos, from marainein to waste Word Origin and History for marasmic marasmus n.

“wasting away of the body,” 1650s, Modern Latin, from Greek marasmos “a wasting away, withering, decay,” from marainein “to quench, weaken, wither,” from PIE root *mer- “to rub away, harm” (see morbid). Maras (n.) evidently in the same sense is attested from mid-15c. Related: Marasmic.

marasmic in Medicine marasmus [mə-răz′məs] n.

  1. Chronic wasting of body tissues, especially in young children, commonly due to prolonged dietary deficiency of protein and calories.athrepsia

Related formsma•ras′mic adj.

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