maraud [muh-rawd] SynonymsExamplesWord Origin verb (used without object)

  1. to roam or go around in quest of plunder; make a raid for booty: Freebooters were marauding all across the territory.

verb (used with object)

  1. to raid for plunder (often used passively): At the war’s end the country had been marauded by returning bands of soldiers.


  1. Archaic. the act of marauding.

Origin of maraud 1705–15; French marauder, derivative of maraud rogue, vagabond, Middle French, perhaps identical with dial. maraud tomcat, of expressive orig.Related formsma·raud·er, nounSynonyms for maraud 1, 2. invade, attack; ravage, harry. Related Words for marauded forage, ravage, despoil, harass, sack, foray, harry, raid, loot, ransack Examples from the Web for marauded Historical Examples of marauded

  • Not the valley alone had been marauded, but that “To-morrow,” and all it meant to her.

    Northern Lights

    Gilbert Parker

  • He sailed westward from thence to Valland and marauded there.

    Traditions and Hearthside Stories of West Cornwall, Second Series

    William Bottrell

  • Not the valley alone had been marauded, but that “To-morrow,” and all it meant to her.

    Northern Lights, Complete

    Gilbert Parker

  • They marauded the country in quest of horses and provisions.

    The Southern Soldier Boy

    James Carson Elliott

  • He sailed westward from thence to Valland, and marauded there.


    Snorri Sturlason

  • British Dictionary definitions for marauded maraud verb

    1. to wander or raid in search of plunder


    1. an archaic word for foray

    Derived Formsmarauder, nounWord Origin for maraud C18: from French marauder to prowl, from maraud vagabond Word Origin and History for marauded maraud v.

    1690s, from French marauder (17c.), from Middle French maraud “rascal” (15c.), of unknown origin, perhaps from French dialectal maraud “tomcat,” echoic of its cry. A word popularized in several languages during the Thirty Years War (cf. Spanish merodear, German marodiren “to maraud,” marodebruder “straggler, deserter”) by punning association with Count Mérode, imperialist general. Related: Marauded; marauding.

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