marcescent [mahr-ses-uh nt] Word Origin adjective Botany.

  1. withering but not falling off, as a part of a plant.

Origin of marcescent 1720–30; Latin marcēscent-, stem of marcēscēns (present participle of marcēscere to wither, shrivel), equivalent to marc(ēre) to wither + -ēscent- -escent Related formsmar·ces·cence, noun British Dictionary definitions for marcescence marcescent adjective

  1. (of the parts of certain plants) remaining attached to the plant when withered

Derived Formsmarcescence, nounWord Origin for marcescent C18: from Latin marcescere to grow weak, from marcēre to wither Word Origin and History for marcescence marcescent adj.

“withering,” 1727, from Latin marcescentem (nominative marcescens), present participle of marcescere “to wither, languish, droop, decay, pine away,” inchoative of marcere “to wither, droop, be faint,” from PIE root *merk- “to decay.”

marcescence in Science marcescent [mär-sĕs′ənt]

  1. Withering but not falling off, as a blossom that persists on a twig after flowering. Many oaks have marcescent foliage that stays on the tree through winter.

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