Marcy [mahr-see] Examples noun

  1. Mount, a mountain in NE New York: highest peak of the Adirondack Mountains, 5344 feet (1629 meters).
  2. a female given name, form of Marcia.

Examples from the Web for marcy Contemporary Examples of marcy

  • And yes, that means there was originally a fourth Fugee: Marcy!

    Wyclef Jean Autobiography: Lauryn Hill, the Fugees & More

    Melissa Leon

    September 20, 2012

  • Jean tries to imagine what the “formula” would have been like had Marcy stayed with the group.

    Wyclef Jean Autobiography: Lauryn Hill, the Fugees & More

    Melissa Leon

    September 20, 2012

  • He also sought to contradict remarks made by his younger brother, Marcy, that pippa found the whole affair funny.

    French Aristocrat Apologises For Gun-Toting Incident

    Tom Sykes

    April 18, 2012

  • The group had also funded independent-minded Democrat Dennis Kucinich in his losing battle against incumbent Marcy Kaptur.

    The Throw-the-Bums-Out Super-PAC

    Ryan Prior

    March 9, 2012

  • Because of redistricting, incumbent Democrats Marcy Kaptur and Dennis Kucinich have found themselves fighting over the same seat.

    Ohio Democrats Square Off on Super Tuesday Undercard

    Caitlin Dickson

    March 7, 2012

  • Historical Examples of marcy

  • “Noo the Loord ha’ marcy on yar, as joodge says sizes,” and instantly let fly.

    The Universal Reciter


  • It was a charming place; even a daughter of the house of Marcy could but own to that.

    The Indifference of Juliet

    Grace S. Richmond

  • I understand your position as stated in your letter and by General Marcy.

    The Papers And Writings Of Abraham Lincoln, Volume Six

    Abraham Lincoln

  • I returned with a policeman, and found Doctor West still with Mr. Marcy.

    Counsel for the Defense

    Leroy Scott

  • “We can take the mule to the Hall and let Marcy come and get him,” suggested Messmer.

    Dave Porter in the Far North

    Edward Stratemeyer

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