Margherita [mahr-guh-ree-tuh; Italian mahr-ge-ree-tah] Examples noun

  1. a female given name, Italian form of Margaret.

Examples from the Web for margherita Contemporary Examples of margherita

  • She giggles as she offers me a piece of the margherita pizza she ordered for lunch.

    Danielle Brooks, Taystee on ‘Orange Is the New Black,’ Is the Breakout Star of the Year

    Kevin Fallon

    December 11, 2013

  • Margherita Missoni Gives Birth to Baby Boy: Margherita Missoni and husband Eugenio Amos are now proud parents!

    Kenneth Cole’s Syria Tweet Sparks Controversy; Altuzarra Receives Major Investment

    The Fashion Beast Team

    September 6, 2013

  • Historical Examples of margherita

  • Margherita continued in a tone of awe, after a moment’s silence.

    The Royal Pawn of Venice

    Mrs. Lawrence Turnbull

  • She mistook it even when she tried to do a kindness to Margherita.

    Romance of Roman Villas

    Elizabeth W. (Elizbeth Williams) Champney

  • As she was coming to again, Margherita stooped and whispered Caponsacchi.

    Browning’s Heroines

    Ethel Colburn Mayne

  • Day after day, Margherita had dinned the name of Caponsacchi into the wife’s ears.

    Browning’s Heroines

    Ethel Colburn Mayne

  • Margherita left the precincts of their convent to join the worshippers in the Duomo.

    Filippo Lippi

    Paul G. Konody

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