Mark Antony

Mark Antony

Mark Antony [mahrk an-tuh-nee] noun

  1. Antony, Mark.

Antony [an-tuh-nee] noun

  1. MarkMarcus Antonius, 83?–30 b.c., Roman general: friend of Caesar; member of the second triumvirate and rival of Octavian.
  2. a male given name. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019 British Dictionary definitions for mark antony Mark Antony noun

  1. See Antony

Antony noun

  1. Mark. Latin name Marcus Antonius. ?83–30 bc, Roman general who served under Julius Caesar in the Gallic wars and became a member of the second triumvirate (43). He defeated Brutus and Cassius at Philippi (42) but having repudiated his wife for Cleopatra, queen of Egypt, he was defeated by his brother-in-law Octavian (Augustus) at Actium (31)

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masc. proper name, from Latin Antonius, name of a Roman gens (see Anthony).

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