noun, verb (used with object), med·i·vacked, med·i·vack·ing.

  1. medevac.


  1. a helicopter for evacuating the wounded from a battlefield.
  2. an ambulance or other vehicle equipped for emergency transport of medical patients.
  3. any of the trained personnel transporting or otherwise tending to the sick or wounded in a medevac.

verb (used with object), med·e·vacked, med·e·vack·ing.

  1. to transport (sick or wounded persons) by medevac.

noun, verb

  1. -vacs, -vacking or -vacked a variant spelling of medevac


  1. military the evacuation of casualties from forward areas to the nearest hospital or base
  2. a helicopter used for transporting wounded or sick people to hospital

verb -vacs, -vacking or -vacked

  1. (tr) to transport (a wounded or sick person) to hospital by medevac

1966, U.S. military, formed from elements of medical evacuation. n.

  1. Air transport of persons to a place where they can receive medical or surgical care; medical evacuation.
  2. A helicopter or other aircraft used for such transport.


  1. To transport a patient to a place where medical care is available.

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