Saturday , October 19 2019
Meitu's Goodbye letter says it'll continue to develop imaging technology

Meitu’s Goodbye letter claims it’s going to keep on to build imaging engineering

Meitu’s telephones are effortlessly recognised via the signature layout they normally adopt. Regrettably, the enterprise couldn’t stay put in the shark-infested water which the Chinese smartphone sector is. The progressive begin-up was consumed by a single of the “Sharks”- Xiaomi. The deal which would see Xiaomi launch mobile merchandise less than the Meitu brand was first unveiled in November very last year. A deadline for mid-2019 was announced when the enterprise will halt production cell telephones. Apparently, that is coming earlier than expected as Meitu cellular has produced a farewell letter to its enthusiasts.

The letter remembers, clearly with some nostalgia for those people who could relate, the background of Meitu’s cellular cellphone. The letter was resolved as “To the most beautiful Mito cell cellphone users”. The article sought to clarify the terms of the settlement the brand name has with Xiaomi. The letter observed that the innovation is much more of a transformation of the Meitu cell cell phone brand to usher in new improve. It also exposed that the manufacturer will continue on to establish its amazing imaging technological know-how, tapping from Xiaomi’s R&D towards enhancing that facet. The letter also hinted that the telephones will be created and distributed by Xiaomi with a comprehensive technologies enhance and significant-scale improvement. So, we need to be expecting new Meitu mobile telephones to be much more effective.

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Previously this yr, Meitu had already hinted that the new cellular phones will be made, manufactured, bought and promoted by Xiaomi. Meitu will only take pleasure in the product sales share proportionally. As these types of, we can’t say if Xiaomi plans to keep the layout type or if it is intrigued generally in Meitu’s imaging technology. No problems, the new Meitu telephones will shortly hit the sector, if the post by Xiaomi’s mobile phone product marketing and advertising director on Weibo is anything to go by.

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