noun (sometimes lowercase)

  1. plural of Monseigneur.

noun, plural Mes·sei·gneurs [mey-se-nyœr] /meɪ sɛˈnyœr/.

  1. a French title of honor given to princes, bishops, and other persons of eminence.
  2. a person bearing this title.


  1. the plural of Monseigneur

noun plural Messeigneurs (mesɛɲœr)

  1. a title given to French bishops, prelates, and princesAbbreviation: Mgr

n.c.1600, from French monseigneur (12c.), title of honor equivalent to “my lord,” from mon “my” (from Latin meum) + seigneur “lord,” from Latin seniorem, accusative of senior “older” (see senior (adj.)). Plural messeigneurs.

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