noun, plural mez·zo-so·pran·os, mez·zo-so·pran·i [met-soh-suhpran-ee, –prah-nee, med-zoh-, mez-oh-] /ˈmɛt soʊ səˈpræn i, -ˈprɑ ni, ˈmɛd zoʊ-, ˈmɛz oʊ-/.

  1. a voice or voice part intermediate in compass between soprano and contralto.
  2. a person having such a voice.


  1. of, pertaining to, characteristic of, or suitable to a mezzo-soprano.

noun plural -nos

  1. a female voice intermediate between a soprano and contralto and having a range from the A below middle C to the F an eleventh above itSometimes shortened to: mezzo
  2. a singer with such a voice

n.1753; see mezzo + soprano.

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