mounted [moun-tid] ExamplesWord Origin adjective

  1. seated or riding on a horse or other animal.
  2. serving on horseback or on some special mount, as soldiers or police.
  3. Military. (formerly) permanently equipped with horses or vehicles for transport.Compare mobile(def 4).
  4. having or set in a mounting: mounted gems.
  5. put into position for use, as guns.

Origin of mounted First recorded in 1575–85; mount1 + -ed2 Related formsun·mount·ed, adjectivewell-mount·ed, adjectiveAntonyms for mounted 1. afoot. Examples from the Web for well-mounted Historical Examples of well-mounted

  • No; they are well-mounted; they know the country, and they have the start.

    Gil the Gunner

    George Manville Fenn

  • They numbered about one hundred well-mounted and well-armed men.

    The Mission; or Scenes in Africa

    Captain Frederick Marryat

  • Well-mounted as were myself and companions, we were unable to overtake them.

    The Wild Huntress

    Mayne Reid

  • I call that the land for horses where the cavalry’s well-mounted on a native breed.’

    The Celt and Saxon, Complete

    George Meredith

  • According to his report, it was a war party of but forty well-mounted Cheyenne.

    Early Western Travels 1748-1846, v. 27


  • British Dictionary definitions for well-mounted mounted adjective

    1. equipped with or riding horsesmounted police
    2. provided with a support, backing, etc

    Word Origin and History for well-mounted mounted adj.

    1580s, “on horseback,” past participle adjective from mount (v.). From 1854 as “set up for display.”

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