1. a highly incendiary jellylike substance used in fire bombs, flamethrowers, etc.

verb (used with object)

  1. to drop bombs containing napalm on (troops, a city, or the like).


  1. a thick and highly incendiary liquid, usually consisting of petrol gelled with aluminium soaps, used in firebombs, flame-throwers, etc


  1. (tr) to attack with napalm

n.1942, from na(phthenic) palm(itic) acids, used in manufacture of the chemical that thickens gasoline. The verb is 1950, from the noun. Related: Napalmed; napalming.

  1. A firm jelly made by mixing gasoline with aluminum salts (made of fatty acids). It is used in some bombs and in flamethrowers. Napalm was developed during World War II.

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