1. the short fuzzy ends of fibers on the surface of cloth, drawn up in napping.
  2. any downy coating, as on plants.

verb (used with object), napped, nap┬Ěping.

  1. to raise a nap on.

verb naps, napping or napped (intr)

  1. to sleep for a short while; doze
  2. to be unaware or inattentive; be off guard (esp in the phrase catch someone napping)


  1. a short light sleep; doze


    1. the raised fibres of velvet or similar cloth
    2. the direction in which these fibres lie when smoothed down
  1. any similar downy coating
  2. Australian informal blankets, bedding

verb naps, napping or napped

  1. (tr) to raise the nap of (cloth, esp velvet) by brushing or similar treatment


  1. Also called: napoleon a card game similar to whist, usually played for stakes
  2. a call in this card game, undertaking to win all five tricks
  3. horse racing a tipster’s choice for an almost certain winner
  4. go nap
    1. to undertake to win all five tricks at nap
    2. to risk everything on one chance
  5. not to go nap on Australian slang to hold in disfavour
  6. nap hand a position in which there is a very good chance of success if a risk is taken

verb naps, napping or napped

  1. (tr) horse racing to name (a horse) as likely to win a race

n.1“downy surface of cloth,” mid-15c., from Middle Dutch or Middle Low German noppe “nap, tuft of wool,” probably introduced by Flemish cloth-workers. Cognate with Old English hnoppian “to pluck,” ahneopan “pluck off,” Old Swedish niupa “to pinch,” Gothic dis-hniupan “to tear.” v.1Old English hnappian “to doze, sleep lightly,” of unknown origin, apparently related to Old High German hnaffezan, German dialectal nafzen, Norwegian napp. Related: Napped; napping. n.2“short spell of sleep,” c.1300, from nap (v.). With take (v.) from c.1400. v.2“to furnish with a nap, raise the nap of,” 1610s, from nap (n.1).

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