noun Chiefly Scot.

  1. liquor, especially ale.

noun, plural nap·pies.

  1. a small shallow dish, usually round and often of glass, with a flat bottom and sloping sides, for serving food.

adjective, nap·pi·er, nap·pi·est.

  1. covered with nap; downy.
  2. (of hair) kinky.

noun, plural nap·pies. Chiefly British.

  1. a diaper.

noun plural -pies

  1. British a piece of soft material, esp towelling or a disposable material, wrapped around a baby in order to absorb its urine and excrementAlso called: napkin US and Canadian name: diaper

adjective -pier or -piest

  1. having a nap; downy; fuzzy
  2. (of alcoholic drink, esp beer)
    1. having a head; frothy
    2. strong or heady
  3. dialect, mainly British slightly intoxicated; tipsy
  4. (of a horse) jumpy or irritable; nervy


  1. any strong alcoholic drink, esp heady beer

adj.“downy,” late 15c., from nap (n.1) + -y (2). Meaning “fuzzy, kinky,” used in colloquial or derogatory reference to the hair of black people, is from 1950.

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