1. of or relating to the nose: the nasal cavity.
  2. Phonetics. pronounced with the voice issuing through the nose, either partly, as in French nasal vowels, or entirely (as in m, n, or the ng of song).


  1. Phonetics. a nasal speech sound.

noun Armor.

  1. a bar or narrow plate used with an open helmet as a defense for the nose.


  1. of or relating to the nose
  2. phonetics pronounced with the soft palate lowered allowing air to escape via the nasal cavity instead of or as well as through the mouth


  1. a nasal speech sound, such as English m, n, or ng
  2. another word for nosepiece (def. 1)

adj.1650s, “of the nose,” from French nasal, from Latin nasus “nose, the nose, sense of smell,” from PIE *nas- (see nose (n.)). Of speech sounds, attested from 1660s. As a noun, “nasal letter or sound,” from 1660s. Related: Nasality; nasalization. adj.

  1. Of, in, or relating to the nose.

  1. Relating to or involving the nose.
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