Saturday , October 19 2019
Hamburg News: Confused 55-year-old from Mönchengladbach picked up

News: Dog lights house in Israel

The most important news at a glance:

  • Dog lights house (12:50 pm)
  • Swedish crown jewels from garbage are real (2.10 pm)
  • A dead man after robbery in Rhineland-Palatinate (10.36 clock)
  • Chaotic scenes in Haiti's capital (6:13 am)
  • Duration of asylum proceedings dropped (2.24 am)

The news of the day in star-Ticker:

+++ 14:31: Investigations against AfD politicians for Facebook entry set +++

After swirling around a Facebook entry of the AFD faction in the Hessian Hochtaunuskreis, the Frankfurt public prosecutor's office has closed investigations against two representatives of the party. The spokeswoman of the authority, Nadja Niesen, justified this with "lack of suspicion". The prosecution had been investigated for threat.

According to information from the German Journalists' Association, the Facebook post on 27 August 2018 stated: "The revolutions known to us were stormed around the radio stations and the press houses and dragged the employees onto the streets when the mood finally tips, it's too late. " According to Niesen, there are indications that the posting was made without legitimacy by the two AfD politicians. Therefore, now a procedure for forgery of evidence-significant data has been initiated against unknown. At that time, the national association of the AfD had distanced itself from the entry, which caused indignation among journalist associations.

+++ 14.10 clock: Swedish crown jewels from garbage bin are real +++

After several days of testing, the Swedish authorities confirmed the authenticity of the crown jewels found in a garbage bin. The objects that were discovered in the Stockholm area about a week ago were in fact the jewels stolen from Strängnäs Cathedral, the police said. With the help of the Swedish Church, the forensic institute has been able to eliminate the ultimate doubt of the authenticity of the find. In what state they are, was initially still unclear.

The crown jewels – the crown and the orb of the King Charles IX, who died in 1611. from Sweden, as well as the crown of his wife, Queen Christine von Holstein-Gottorf, who died in 1625, had been taken out of the cathedral at the end of July 2018. They have an estimated value of more than six million euros. After the find last Tuesday, the police already assumed that it was the stolen property. Investigations should, however, clear up final doubts.

+++ 14.04 clock: AfD wants to accommodate the homeless in refugee housing +++

The AfD wants to use vacant space in refugee shelters to provide more sleeping space for the homeless. The group wants to present a request to this day in the Bundestag. It provides that "with continued underutilization and needs" one fifth of the capacity in shared accommodation should be provided free of charge to the homeless. Even apartments and hotel rooms, which had been rented for the accommodation of asylum seekers in the long term, should be given to "needy homeless" at the latest after two months of vacancy.

The left-wing fraction, on the other hand, wants normal apartments for the homeless. In an application, which is also debated on Thursday in the Bundestag, she takes Northern Europe as a model: In Finland and Denmark apartments were created or bought specifically for homeless people. There is also a corresponding model project in Berlin. Unlike other programs, homeless people do not have to forego alcohol and other substances for these apartments, but can avail themselves of help services. The approach is based on the need for stable accommodation and other issues to be addressed first.

+++ 13:37: United Kingdom and Switzerland sign trade agreement +++

Britain and Switzerland have agreed on a post-Brexit bilateral trade agreement. British Minister of International Trade Liam Fox and Switzerland's Economy Minister Guy Parmelin signed the agreement on Monday in Bern. It would allow the continuation of the "healthy economic and trade relations" of both countries if Britain were no longer part of the EU, the Swiss government said. Switzerland is not an EU member, its relations with Great Britain are regulated by bilateral agreements between Berne and Brussels. Should there be an orderly Brexit, the bilateral treaties between Switzerland and the EU continue to be valid for relations with Great Britain until the end of the transitional period, it was said from Bern. However, if it comes to a tough Brexit, the new trade agreement "will enter into force on 30 March 2019".

Great Britain is one of Switzerland's most important trading partners. Thus, the Alpine country sent 2017 exports in the amount of the equivalent of 10.1 billion euros to the island. This made Great Britain the sixth largest export market for Switzerland. In reverse, Switzerland is Britain's fourth most important trading partner outside the EU.

+++ 13.10 clock: Woman smothered on railway embankment: defendant is silent +++

About eight months after the violent death of a 30-year-old woman on a railway embankment in Berlin, the alleged murderer was silent for the trial in front of the district court. The 39-year-old should have stifled the woman. He has murdered a woman to cover up a previous attempted rape, according to the indictment read at the trial on Monday.

However, in a ruling, the court issued a legal warning that an attempted robbery would be considered instead of a sexual offense. The defender of the Bulgarian said on the sidelines of the trial that there was no evidence for a murder in connection with an attempted rape.

+++ 12.59 clock: Abuse cases in Lügde: already 31 victims identified +++

The number of victims in the scandal over more than a thousand child abuse at a campsite in Lügde in North Rhine-Westphalia has risen to 31. These are 27 girls and four boys, as the investigators announced on Monday in Bielefeld. The children were usually between four and 13 years old in the sex offenses. Most recently, the authorities reported 29 identified victims.

The abuse series at the campsite "Eichwald" in Lügde was known almost two weeks ago. The main suspect, a 56-year-old regular at the campsite, and two other men aged 48 and 33 are in custody.

+++ 12:50: Israel: dog lights house +++

A dog has caused a fire in a residential building in southern Israel, according to the police. The fire had caused a great deal of damage to the building in Kiryat Gat, the police said on Monday. On the video of a surveillance camera, the dog is seen lying on the porch on his cushions playing with an object. According to the police, it was a lighter. Suddenly flames light up. The dog stares at the flames and begins to bark. The fire quickly spread to the rest of the house, the police said. Two people were easily injured in the fire. A police spokesman said about the dog: "He is alive and will continue to misbehave."

Tel Aviv: Dog lights fire in residential house

+++ 12:25: Regional politician accused of acid attack on activist in Ukraine +++

The public prosecutor's office blames a senior regional politician for the fatal acid attack on Ukrainian anti-corruption activist Kateryna Gandsyuk. The prosecution accused the chairman of the regional council of Kherson, Vladislav Manger, to have "organized" the murder of Gandsyuk, said Ukrainian Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko on Facebook. He had a "personal aversion" towards Gandsjuk maintained, it said in a statement. A spokeswoman for the attorney general added that Manger was also accused of causing her death with "particular cruelty".

A stranger had showered Gandsjuk on July 31, 2018 in front of her house with a liter of sulfuric acid and had fled. She suffered severe burns and was operated more than ten times. After three months, the 33-year-old succumbed to her injuries.

+++ 12:10: threatening famine: grain storage blocked in Yemen +++

In the fight against a looming famine in Yemen, the United Nations is urging the warring parties to access their grain warehouses. Near the port city of Hudaida, enough wheat is stored in a grain mill to supply 3.7 million people for one month. But the mill is in a contested area, access is blocked for five months. The grain is now threatening to rot. The UN envoy for Yemen, Martin Griffiths, and the UN Emergency Relief Coordinator Mark Lowcock, together called on those responsible to provide access to emergency aid.

Due to the civil war raging since 2014, Yemen on the Arabian Peninsula has become the largest humanitarian disaster in the world. Twelve million people would not have enough to eat, according to the UN. The government and rebels agreed in Sweden in December to demilitarize the port of Hudaida. But progress has stalled.

+++ 11:34: Up to 250,000 child soldiers worldwide +++

Despite a ban in most countries, tens of thousands of boys and girls worldwide are abused as child soldiers, according to Unicef. Although there are no secured figures, some estimates have reached as many as 250,000 child soldiers worldwide, said the United Nations Children's Fund.

On the occasion of the World Day Against the Use of Child Soldiers on Tuesday, governments called for greater efforts to end "this serious violation of child rights". "Children are not soldiers, they must not be used in adult wars," said Unicef ​​Germany's Managing Director, Christian Schneider.

+++ 11.25 clock: juvenile stands in Belarus on teacher and students +++

A high school student stabbed a teacher and a student at a school in Belarus and injured two other minors. This was announced by the Ministry of Interior in the capital Minsk. The adolescent fled initially, a little later police had arrested him. The alleged perpetrator was born in 2003 and is in the tenth grade, it said. Local media, citing eyewitnesses, reported that the adolescent stormed into the classroom and stabbed. Then he jumped out of the window. The backgrounds are still unclear. The crime took place in the town of Stolbtsi southwest of Minsk.

+++ 11.21 clock: parents commemorate dead Berlin student with silence minutes +++

With a minute's silence, Berlin parents have thought of a dead eleven-year-old pupil. The memory of the Hausotter elementary school in the Reinickendorf district took place after the parents took their children to class on the first day after the holidays. Headmistress Daniela Walter then invited the parents to a conversation in the gym. According to a mother, the leader announced that this week parent evenings in all classes.

According to "Tagesspiegel", the eleven-year-old elementary student attempted to commit suicide and later died in the hospital. The case caused a stir far beyond Berlin. Possible background is the suspicion of bullying in the room. So far, however, neither the cause of death is resolved, nor is it certain that bullying led to the alleged suicide.

+++ 11.15 clock: footballer Al-Araibi from Bahrain released from custody in Thailand +++

Former national footballer Hakim Al-Araibi from Bahrain is free after two and a half months in Thailand. Previously, a court in the Thai capital had decided, at the request of the prosecutor, that the extradition proceedings against the 25-year-olds will be discontinued. Thus, the footballer must fear no deportation to his old home more.

According to media reports Al-Araibi wants to return to Australia as soon as possible, where he is now recognized as a political refugee and plays for a club from Melbourne. In Thailand, he actually wanted to catch up with his wife's honeymoon. At the request of Bahrain, however, he was arrested at the end of November on arrival in Bangkok. The authoritarian ruled kingdom accuses him of participating in riots during the "Arab Spring" of 2011. In absence, he was sentenced to ten years imprisonment. Al-Araibi denies the allegations. During the alleged crime he was at a football match, which was broadcast live on TV, in the square.

+++ 10.56 clock: train bounces in the Lausitz against fallen tree +++

In Saxony, a railcar of the railway company Trilex collided against a fallen tree. In the morning accident near Neukirch in the Lausitz the train driver and a customer service representative were slightly injured, as a company spokesman in Dresden said. The ten passengers remained unhurt and were carried on with taxis. The Trilex train was badly damaged. The railway line between Zittau and Dresden was closed for several hours.

+++ 10:45 am: Prosecutor's Office investigates for game manipulation in Regionalliga +++

After the manipulation allegations in the regional league match between SV Babelsberg and Germania Halberstadt also criminal investigations are underway. The prosecutor in Neuruppin conduct a case on suspicion of manipulation of professional sports competitions, confirmed chief prosecutor Frank Winter. Against whom the suspicion is directed, he did not want to say with reference to the current proceedings.

+++ 10.36 clock: A dead after attempted robbery in Rhineland-Palatinate +++

The house of a US family in the Rhineland-Palatinate Landstuhl is attacked, a little later a dead man lies on a street. Whether the dead is one of the perpetrators, is determined, said a spokesman for the police in Kaiserslautern. According to previous findings, four burglars had tried on Sunday evening to penetrate into the house of the family. The owner had resisted and injured one of the culprits with a knife. The injured man was able to flee with the accomplices according to the police. A little later, a witness reported that an injured person was lying on the street. The rescuers provided the 43-year-old locally, but could not save his life.

+++ 9.57 clock: juvenile stands in Belarus on teacher and students +++

One teenager stabbed a teacher and one student at a school in Belarus and injured two other minors. This was announced by the Ministry of Interior in the capital Minsk. The adolescent fled initially, a little later police had arrested him. The alleged perpetrator was born in 2003, the statement said. The backgrounds were initially unclear. The crime took place in the town of Stolbtsi southwest of Minsk.

+++ 9.35 Clock: Four AFD members attacked in Berlin – two injured +++

According to the police in Berlin, four AFD members were attacked, beaten and partially injured by a group in Berlin. The five to seven attackers had attacked late Afternoon AFD politicians according to their statements in the vicinity of the Berlinale cinema "International", said a police spokeswoman on request. Two of the four victims were easily injured by blows with their fists or an object hidden in a cloth bag. The two 27- and 31-year-old beaten had been on the way to the cinema. Berlinale director Dieter Kosslick had invited supporters of the right-wing populist party for a free visit to the documentary film "The Secret Archive in the Warsaw Ghetto".

+++ 9.31 clock: After attacking Magnitz investigators check about 200 notes +++

About a month after the attack on Bremen's AFD chief Frank Magnitz, more than 200 people have reported to the investigators. However, there is no such thing as a spit, as spokesman for the Bremen prosecutor Frank Passade said. "So far, the evidence has not led to the identification of the suspects."

Frank Magnitz: Attack on AfD MPs - Police release wanted video

+++ 9.28 clock: Indonesian police let snake on alleged thief +++

With a brutal interrogation method, the Indonesian police has received a lot of criticism. On the island of New Guinea, officials in a cell released a snake at least two meters long for a suspected thief whom they had previously handcuffed. On a video you can see how the man panics and screams. After torture allegations by human rights activists, the police now apologized.

+++ 9:12 clock: wooden hut on campsite exploded – man critically injured +++

During the explosion of a hut on a campsite in Freren in Lower Saxony, a man has been critically injured. As the police in Lingen (Ems) announced, probably had leaked gas from an oven in the wooden house. Immediately before the explosion, the 46-year-old had apparently infected a cigarette. Whether the detonation was triggered by it was still unclear, it said. According to the officials, the man's sister had noticed the smell of gas before the disaster on Sunday afternoon and opened the windows with him to ventilate the hut. Then she left the building. Shortly thereafter, there was the violent explosion that completely destroyed the hut.

+++ 9 clock: US Secretary of Defense on a surprise visit to Kabul +++

Acting US Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan has traveled to Afghanistan on a surprise visit. Shanahan arrived in the morning in the Afghan capital Kabul. There he wants to meet with head of state Ashraf Ghani and the commander-in-chief of US and NATO forces in Afghanistan, General Scott Miller. It's Shanahan's first overseas trip since replacing Jim Mattis, the retired US Secretary of Defense, earlier this year.

+++ 7.25 am: May rejects Corbyn's proposal for a customs union +++

In the struggle for her Brexit course, British Prime Minister Theresa May has proposed opposition leaders Jeremy Corbyn refused to maintain a permanent customs union with the EU. In a letter to the Labor leader, quoted by the British media, she was also ready for further talks with the opposition. She agreed with Corbyn that there should be no new elections or a second referendum.

Britain wants to leave the European Union on 29th March. The contract on the modalities of withdrawal, which May had negotiated with the EU, came through in the British parliament in mid-January. Many MPs from May's Conservative Party also voted against the deal. Corbyn announced May's support for his party last week if it accepted a customs union and a link to the EU single market.

Video: Donald Tusk: A special place in hell for Brexit advocates

+++ 6.13 clock: Chaotic scenes in protests in Haiti's capital +++

In protest against the government in Haiti it has come to chaotic scenes in the capital. Demonstrators set fire to roadblocks from car tires again, smoke clouds darkened the sky, as the news agency HPN reported. Shots were occasionally heard in Port-au-Prince, the Consular Section of the US Department of State said on Twitter, warning against approaching larger crowds.

The demonstrators called for the fourth consecutive day the resignation of President Jovenel Moise. On Friday, according to Haitian Times newspaper, one person was killed in the protests and dozens more people were injured. Several policemen were also injured by stones. The police used tear gas against the protesters.

+++ 4:45: Australia and France sign contract for billion submarine deal +++

After long negotiations, Australia and France have signed the contract for a billion dollar submarine business. At a ceremony in the Australian capital Canberra, Prime Minister Scott Morrison described the appointment of twelve submarines at the French defense company Naval Group as a "very bold plan". The order, with a total value of more than 30 billion euros, is the largest defense business in history Australia,

+++ 3.13 clock: SPD vice: Union wants only "tax gifts" for rich +++

Deputy SPD leader Ralf Stegner has accused the CDU / CSU of blocking plans for a higher low-income pension and only advocating for the wealthy. If the Union claims that the land rent is not affordable, "but even twice as expensive tax credits for the super rich" demand, the political differences between the Union and the SPD are more than clear, said Stegner the German Press Agency.

Video: Citizen's money instead of Hartz IV

+++ 2.24 clock: Report: duration of asylum proceedings to six months sunk +++

The duration of asylum procedures According to a media report has fallen to about half a year. In the third quarter of 2018, the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (Bamf) took an average of 6.1 months to complete an asylum procedure, reports the newspapers of the Funke media group, citing a reply from the Federal Ministry of Interior on a left request. Accordingly, it was 9.2 months in the first quarter of 2018 and 7.3 months in the second quarter.

Once again, the Federal Government has not achieved its self-imposed goal: at the beginning of the refugee crisis in September 2015, Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) had agreed with the prime ministers to complete asylum procedures in three months.

+++ 1.10 clock: Hard AfD visit at Ghetto film – incident near cinema +++

Politicians of the AfD have largely rejected an invitation by Berlinale director Dieter Kosslick to the documentary film "The Secret Archive in the Warsaw Ghetto". Until shortly before performance on Sunday evening, according to the Berlinale organizers only six tickets for the party had been picked up.

Immediately before the Kino International in Berlin there were no special events until the performance. However, according to AfD data in the vicinity of the cinema several party members were attacked. According to Vadim Derksen of the AfD youth organization Junge Alternative, who said he was involved in the attack, the attackers were hooded and shouted "shit Nazis". An AFD member was slightly injured.

+++ 0.40 clock: "National Enquirer" rejects Bezos' blackmail charge

The US tabloid "National Enquirer" has rejected allegations of blackmail by Amazon boss Jeff Bezos. "There is absolutely no blackmail," said lawyer Elkan Abramowitz the US broadcaster ABC. It was rather a "legitimate negotiation" acted. Bezos and National Enquirer publisher American Media Inc (AMI), which Abramowitz represents, had an interest in settling their "differences".

Bezos had accused AMI on Thursday of threatening to publish intimate photos. Accordingly, the media company demanded from him to stop investigations into an already published disclosure story about his private life and to explain that behind the publication, there are no political motives.

Amazon founder: nude pictures affair: Jeff Bezos can not be blackmailed

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