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News from Germany: Record-breaking onslaught on the Baltic coast

News from Germany: Record-breaking onslaught on the Baltic coast

Monheim: Cat in the car distracts driver – car overturns +++ Nußdorf am Inn: calving cow attacks dairymaid +++ Bad Bentheim: unknown person steals toilet paper – 800 Euro damage to property +++ Mainz: fire brigade frees baby from park bench +++ Panorama news from Germany.

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania: rush to the Baltic Sea coast

Sunny weather with increased temperatures gave the Baltic Sea beaches in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania a record-breaking rush of visitors on Saturday. After the past few weeks with fewer visitors, the beaches were very well attended without exception, as confirmed by various DLRG guard stations at lunchtime. "This is the best day of the season for us today," said a guard at a water rescue station in Boltenhagen, where around 24 degrees were measured. Visitors to the beaches of the Graal-Müritz seaside resort also bustled, taking advantage of the excellent weather and occasionally looking for refreshment in the around 18 degrees cold Baltic Sea. "This year the beach was not as full as it is today," said section manager André Rieckhoff. Locals and day tourists also filled the beaches on islands such as Usedom or Poel.

Source: DPA

Monheim: Cat in the car distracts driver – car overturns

Because his cat distracted him in the car, an 18-year-old lost control of his vehicle in Monheim in Swabia and caused an accident. The driver wanted to take his cat to the vet on Friday, and the cat was properly transported in a transport basket, the police said on Saturday. Nevertheless, he was distracted, which is why he got into the opposite lane with his car and slipped into an adjacent ditch. The car overturned there, but stopped on the wheels again. The driver was taken to hospital with minor injuries, police said. The cat was not injured in the accident.

Nussdorf am Inn: Calving cow attacks dairymaid

A calving cow seriously injured a dairymaid in Bavaria. A rescue helicopter took the 47-year-old to the hospital. A hiker had brought the woman from a nearby pasture to the cow, who was desperately trying to give birth to her calf at Heuberg in Nussdorf am Inn in the Rosenheim district. The experienced shepherd wanted to help the cow. The animal attacked immediately. When the hiker wanted to hurry to help, the cow attacked him too. Finally the farmer became aware of the dramatic incident and fought off the cow with blows from the cane. In doing so, he probably saved the 47-year-old from worse, said a police spokesman on Saturday. This had suffered serious injuries to the head and upper body. But there is no longer any danger to life. The hiker was unharmed in the cow's attack on Friday. The calf was born prematurely and was born dead.

source: DPA

Bad Bentheim: Thief steals toilet paper – property damage of 800 euros

An unknown person from Bad Bentheim took unusual stolen goods in the night from Friday to Saturday. In a public toilet in the castle car park, he broke open five containers for toilet paper and stole about 20 rolls. He caused property damage of 800 euros. Witnesses are asked to report to the police in Bad Bentheim, Tel. 05922/9800.

Source: Police inspection Emsland / Grafschaft Bentheim

Mainz: fire brigade frees infant from park bench

The fire department used a saw to free an infant on the banks of the Rhine in Mainz. The baby had gotten one leg between the boards of a bench, the fire department said on Saturday. The mother was therefore unable to free the boy. The forces first tried on Friday evening to free the child with a lubricant. However, that did not work. Because the child's leg was already slightly swollen, the firefighters then quickly removed the board with a saw. The uninjured boy was examined by the emergency services for safety reasons.

source: DPA

Neustadt: Marriage proposal ends with criminal complaint

A man from Neustadt (Rhineland-Palatinate) came up with something special for his marriage proposal: he wanted to convince his beloved with a campfire in the middle of the Neustadt forest area. The catch is: As is well known, a fire in the forest is not a good idea – especially when the woods are as dry as these days. The romantic but risky action did not go unnoticed; soon the marriage proposal was disrupted by approaching fire and police forces. They put out the fire and told the young couple about the dangers. Criminal proceedings were initiated against both of them for the negligent creation of a fire hazard, as stated in the police report. In particular, the marriage proposal has at least remained that way.

source: Police department Neustadt / Weinstrasse

Düsseldorf: Man in psychiatry after attempted arson at the main train station

After an attempted arson in Düsseldorf's main train station, the suspect was sent to a psychiatric clinic. A police spokesman said on Saturday. A doctor and the municipal regulatory office had arranged for the admission. Details are not known. This also applies to the motif of the 54-year-old German. The man had smashed the window of a shop in the train station on Friday, distributed a liquid there, and wanted to throw in a burning piece of paper. A witness was able to extinguish the flames. The main train station was completely closed for almost two hours. The police later arrested the suspect near his home. The investigators had no evidence of a politically or religiously motivated act, as was announced shortly after the incident.

source: DPA

Meerbusch: One dead and twelve injured in a fire in a residential high-rise

The fire department found a dead man in a fire in a high-rise residential building in Meerbusch near Düsseldorf. Twelve people were injured – one of them seriously and another moderately, as a fire department spokesman said on Saturday morning. In the meantime, dozens of residents had to leave the eight-story house. The fire broke out around 6 a.m. from an unexplained cause, the spokesman said. An apartment on the sixth floor was completely on fire. The flames also spread to the seventh floor via a balcony. Whether the dead man or woman is still unclear, said the spokesman. The police are now investigating the cause of the fire. There was initially no information on the amount of damage.

source: DPA

Schneizlreuth: 24-year-old fell to his death while climbing

A 24-year-old man fell and died while climbing on the Wartsteinwand in Oberjettenberg near Bad Reichenhall (Berchtesgadener Land district). The 24-year-old had started a new alpine tour called Mixed Arts with another climber on Friday, the police said. A piece of rock had broken off at a height of 40 meters, causing the man to plunge down.

When the mountain rescue team and a rescue helicopter arrived, the man could only be recovered dead. The operation, which included 16 mountain rescue workers together with the crisis intervention team and three police officers, lasted over four hours. The exact circumstances are still being determined. The young man was a member of a Slovenian group of alpinists who were in the area for training and further education.

Source: DPA

Erfurt: Two people injured in "xenophobic attack"

Two foreigners were apparently victims of a racist act and injured in Erfurt. For reasons unknown to date, about ten Germans attacked a "group of three foreign citizens" early Saturday morning, the police said. Two of them were injured, one victim seriously. The police initially did not disclose their nationality. The attackers were temporarily arrested. According to the police, the police assume "a xenophobic attack". It cannot yet be said whether the victims are men or women.

It was also initially impossible to say whether weapons or other objects were used in the attack. A verbal argument preceded the assault. The injured received medical treatment. Further details were initially not given with reference to the ongoing investigation. The attack occurred around 3.05 a.m.

Source: DPA

Frankfurt: People voluntarily leave Opera Square

Just two weeks after the riots in Frankfurt, the night on Saturday remained quiet on Opernplatz. Shortly after midnight, according to the police, around 20 people were still on the field, but left the field at 1 a.m. before the curfew began. The police did not have to intervene, there were no arrests. The police were unable to quantify the exact number of people celebrating on the square in the evening. However, it was less than last weekend when only a few hundred people celebrated in small groups on the square due to the strong police presence.

source: DPA

News from Germany from Friday, July 31, 2020

Hamburg: Mother in court after allegedly threatening her children with the knife

A 27-year-old is on trial in Hamburg on Monday for appealing a criminal order issued against her in August 2018 following an incident. The woman is accused of threatening her two nine-year-old children with a knife in her apartment in the Eidelstedt district while they were sitting on the sofa. She is also said to have told them that they would die. According to the prosecutor, the mother also videotaped the scene so that she could send it to her father on her cell phone. Information about the motives was not mentioned in a press release from the public prosecutor's office.

Source: Public prosecutor's office in Hamburg

Berlin: Tierpark is happy about long-awaited offspring

On June 6th, the nurses discovered in Zoo Berlin the offspring of the little pandas, which are also called red pandas. It was nine years ago that the zoo was happy about the last baby of this type. It is not yet clear whether the little one is a girl or a boy. This can only be determined after an examination by the veterinarian. Only when the gender has been determined does the zoo want to think about a name. The Little Panda is not directly related to the famous Big Panda. But both are on the red list of endangered species and both eat bamboo. An estimated 10,000 small pandas still live in the wild.

Watch the video: A panda baby was born in the Berlin zoo. On June 6th, the caretakers in Tierpark Berlin discovered the young pandas, also known as red pandas. It was nine years ago that the zoo was happy about the last baby of this type. It is not yet clear whether the little one is a girl or a boy. This can only be determined after an examination by the veterinarian. Only when the gender has been determined does the zoo want to think about a name. The Little Panda is not directly related to the famous Big Panda. But both are on the red list of endangered species and both eat bamboo. An estimated 10,000 small pandas still live in the wild.


source: Reuters

Gebesee: Playing children find three kilos of marijuana in the forest

While playing in the forest, kindergarten children from Gebesee near Erfurt found three kilograms of marijuana. As the police said on Friday, the children had taken a trip to the forest with two teachers, where a heavily weathered bag in a bush raised their curiosity. There were several bags of dried plant parts in the bag. The educators were suspicious, said a police spokeswoman. "You already guessed what it was." Police officers found the find, now the criminal investigation.

Source: DPA

Halle: pictures from sauna exposed in net – investigation

After secret photos of unsuspecting sauna visitors in Halle appeared on the internet on a porn site, the prosecutor and police investigate. A stranger spokesman for the public prosecutor's office confirmed media reports Friday. It was determined because of violation of the highly personal area of ​​life by taking pictures. The polluter could face up to two years in prison or a fine, he said.

The tensioner videos were made in the sauna area of ​​a leisure pool operated by the municipal utility company. The company has filed a complaint. The operator of the website was asked to delete the videos, as a spokeswoman said. This had happened. "It was obviously filmed with a hidden camera," she said.

The company spokeswoman emphasized that photography and filming in the sauna area is fundamentally prohibited. This is indicated by signs. The staff had been sensitized again to inform guests of the ban. "Of course, consequences are examined, but they are often legally difficult," she said.

Source: DPA

Markgräflerland: 800 chickens died in the stable

In the Markgräflerland in Baden-Wuerttemberg the police investigated a farmer on suspicion of violating the Animal Welfare Act. According to the "Badische Zeitung", referring to the district veterinary office and the police, only 230 of the 1,000 laying hens stabled in February were still alive. Some of the dead animals were in the dirty barn and would also be disposed of in the adjacent fields. Local residents therefore drew attention to the conditions. Sick animals were apparently not treated and prescribed checks by the owner were not carried out. The surviving chickens, all of which are reported to be in poor condition, were handed over from the office to an animal welfare association for mediation in an appropriate manner. The farmer was prohibited from keeping and caring for poultry. He is now being investigated on suspicion of a violation of the Animal Welfare Act.

Source: "badish newspaper"

Bremen: suspect of university building – police: no amok

In Bremen a man fled to the roof of a university building after an act of violence. A person was injured, but not seriously, said the police. "Currently we can not confirm that the suspect has an ax with him," said reports on Twitter. "We now want to try to get him off the roof voluntarily," said police spokesman Nils Matthiesen. It is not an amok case.

The five-story university building was cordoned off extensively, more than a dozen police vehicles, fire Department and emergency services were on site. The investigators called on Twitter not to spread any rumors or publish photos of the ongoing police operation. There is no danger to bystanders.

Source: DPA

Düsseldorf: Large-scale deployment at the main train station due to attempted arson

Federal Police and the police moved out on Friday morning because of an attempted arson in Düsseldorf's main train station. Nobody was injured, as a spokesman for the federal police said. The station was cleared for almost two hours. Trains passed without stopping on some tracks. The federal police had initially reported several incendiary devices. According to the officials, around 5:15 a.m. an unknown person had smashed the window of a shop in the main train station and distributed an unknown liquid there. Then he tried to throw a burning piece of paper inside. A witness observed this and was able to delete the paper. The crime was recorded by a surveillance camera. To clarify the circumstances of the crime and possible dangers, the traffic account point was cleared and searched from around 8:45 a.m. The blockage was lifted again around 10.30 a.m. Since then, trains have been allowed to stop again. The unknown perpetrator fled, the police initiated a search. The unknown is investigated for attempted arson. Nothing was initially known about the motifs and possible backgrounds.

Source: AFP

Bonn: Drunk driver screwed up parking in 20-meter parking space

A drunk driver in Bonn failed to park in an approximately 20 meter long parking space. The 42-year-old noticed a patrol on Friday night "due to his unsafe driving style", the police reported. After stopping his car, the man was unable to get his car into the parking space in six moves. In the end he parked the car on the sidewalk with a wheel. A breath alcohol test showed a value of 1.7 per thousand. The police also found that he did not have a valid driver's license and probably did not have insurance coverage for the car.

source: DPA

Pulheim: 36-year-old is on fire with wasp control with deodorant roof

A 36-year-old set fire to a roof structure while trying to control a wasp nest with deodorant spray and a lighter. According to the police, he had tackled the colossally failed plan on Thursday in Pulheim in North Rhine-Westphalia, the police reported on Friday. Gases from deodorant sprays can usually be ignited with fire, but this is very dangerous. The 36-year-old ignited a fire on the wooden beams of the roof structure. Since he could not extinguish the fire himself, he called the fire brigade. The forces extinguished the fire and prevented the flames from spreading to other buildings, "the police reported. Officials estimated the damage at around EUR 500,000.

source: DPA

Wittenberg: 50-year-old falls off scaffolding and dies

A 50-year-old fell from scaffolding in Wittenberg and died. The man worked on a facade on a private property on Thursday afternoon, a police spokeswoman said on Friday. For an unexplained cause, he fell off a scaffold and fell several meters below. The man died shortly after of his serious injuries.

source: DPA

Demmin: drunk man builds accident and shows Hitler salute

A drunk in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania caused an accident with two children in the car – and then showed the Hitler salute in the hospital. The police investigated, among other things, because of drunk driving and the use of signs of unconstitutional organizations against the 37-year-old, as announced on Friday. The man was reportedly driving his car between the towns of Basepohl and Demmin (Mecklenburg Lake District) on Thursday evening when he wanted to overtake the car of a 33-year-old shortly behind Borrentin in a right-hand bend. The two vehicles collided.

Mayhem determined.

source: DPA, Police Thuringia

Wörth: "Just a glass of wine and a schnapps praline" – a woman with 3.7 per thousand places a car in the ditch

On Thursday, a woman on a district road in Wörth (Rhineland-Palatinate) got off the road with her car and drove into the ditch. Before that, she had apparently tried to turn on the open road. As the Wörther police report, the 45-year-old was then measured a blood alcohol level of almost 3.7. Her subsequent explanation may have led to some smiles among the officials: she only wants to have a glass of wine and a schnapps praline. A blood sample was taken from the Scheidt community and the driver's license was withdrawn. Her car had to be towed.

News from Germany - woman comes off the road with almost 3.7 per thousand

In Wörth, Rhineland-Palatinate, a heavily drunk driver landed in the ditch with her car.

© Police Inspection Wörth

source: Police inspection Wörth

Cologne: Unknowns throw stones at freight train

Unknowns have in Cologne thrown a stone at a freight train and injured the driver. The 56-year-old was taken to a hospital on Thursday morning, a spokeswoman for the federal police said on Thursday. According to the information, the perpetrators threw the chunks from a bridge in Cologne-Longerich onto the freight train at around 1:30 a.m. There were pieces of glass in the cab. "It was not a pebble, but a rock," said the police spokeswoman. "WDR aktuell" had previously reported. The train had been on the line until about 6.45 a.m., said Deutsche Bahn. As a result, commuters in the Cologne metropolitan area had to adjust to delays and disabilities in train traffic. The situation returned to normal in the morning. According to the federal police, the perpetrators were fleeting on Thursday morning. A complaint is made about the dangerous interference in rail traffic and dangerous bodily harm.

source: DPA

Augsburg: Man sentenced to mayor for hate mail to mayor

A 61-year-old man was sentenced to a fine of 1200 euros for hate mailing the former mayor of Augsburg in connection with the fatal violent crime of St. Nicholas' Day 2019. This was announced by the Augsburg district court on Thursday. Originally, the defendant, who had lodged an objection to a criminal order, was due to appear before the court on Thursday morning. Since the 61-year-old withdrew his appeal shortly before, the penalty for insulting is final. The man had written "Mainstreamgeile-Linksversiffte Idioten" in an email regarding the former mayor Kurt Gribl (CSU) and called the OB as a criminal.

source: DPA

Düsseldorf: After the house collapse, the fire department harbors two bodies

Three days after a house collapsed Dusseldorf rescue workers recovered the bodies of two construction workers. The body of a 35-year-old man from Wuppertal was recovered from the rubble on Wednesday evening, as Marc Vogel from the Düsseldorf fire department announced on Thursday. In the vicinity of the first site, the emergency services later also recovered the body of the second construction worker. He still had to be identified, it said. The first victim of the accident, the 35-year-old man, had already been found on Tuesday. The second body was found by rescue workers on Wednesday.

The multi-storey house in downtown Düsseldorf suddenly collapsed during renovation work on Monday noon for reasons unknown until now. From a vacant part of the building several storeys high, only a mountain of rubble remained with parts of the wall, stones, slats and a rest of the scaffolding.

source: DPA

Kassel: Pedestrian finds body in the park

A pedestrian made a gruesome discovery on Wednesday evening in Kassel's Nordstadtpark. The police said on Thursday that he had found the body of a man in an overgrown and difficult-to-walk area of ​​the park. According to initial investigations, the deceased is a 78-year-old from Kassel who has been missing since May. The park is in close proximity to the Kasseler Klinikum. The 78-year-old was housed there as a patient at the time of his disappearance. According to police, he left his patient room unnoticed on the day of his disappearance and had not returned. Extensive searches by the police and the missing person's family were unsuccessful. There were initially no indications of external debt, according to the investigating Kassel criminal police. The police in Kassel hope that an autopsy of the body will clarify the circumstances of the death.

source: DPA

Raid on alleged gang of smugglers in several federal states

Federal police officers searched objects in several federal states in an operation against suspected members of a smuggling gang on Thursday. Objects in Villingen-Schwenningen (Baden-Württemberg), Wuppertal and Marl North Rhine-Westphalia), Buxtehude (Lower Saxony), Brannenburg Bavaria) and Itzehoe (Schleswig-Holstein) were announced, said the Federal Police Inspectorate at Stuttgart Airport. According to a spokeswoman, the mission was still running on Thursday morning. There is suspicion of "the joint commercial and gang-like smuggling of foreigners into action with misuse of identity documents," it said.

source: DPA

News from Germany from Wednesday, July 29th:

Hildesheim: Dispute between father and daughter ends for man in hospital

A man has been hospitalized in Hildesheim after an argument with his adult daughter. As the police and prosecutors report, a dispute between the two escalated on Tuesday evening at 10.30 p.m. At first, a third person was able to arbitrate, but later there was another argument, which ended in a physical argument. The father suffered several stab wounds in the upper body and had to be operated on in a Hildesheim hospital that night. The police temporarily arrested the daughter. She is currently in police custody. The police did not disclose the reason for the conflict, the weapon and the age of those involved.

Source: Hildesheim police

Waghäusel: Man hit train – Investigators are looking for strangers

The police are looking for a man who is said to have pushed a 54-year-old into the track bed at the train station in Waghäusel near Karlsruhe. The victim had been hit by an approaching freight train during the attack on Tuesday evening and was seriously injured. As the police and prosecutors announced on Wednesday, the unknown had prevented the 54-year-old from climbing back onto the platform. The officers are investigating an attempted homicide.

The victim reportedly suffered a femoral fracture, various other broken bones and a deep flesh wound. According to the previous investigation, the attack was preceded by a dispute, it was said. The background was initially unclear. The suspect and his companion escaped undetected after the crime. A search for 20 patrol cars and two police helicopters was unsuccessful. Investigators are now asking for further evidence.

Source: DPA

Leipzig: Checkers quit after choking passenger

After a suspected gagging attack on a black driver of a Leipzig tram, two inspectors were released. The passenger did not have a ticket and did not give his personal details correctly, but the intervention was completely inappropriate in the escalation, the Leipzig transport company said on Wednesday. Therefore, the two employees were separated immediately. First, the "Leipziger Volkszeitung" reported.

BR, police

Gelsenkirchen: Garbage truck driver discovers head in household waste

A supposed human head in household waste briefly caused excitement in Gelsenkirchen. A garbage truck driver unloaded the garbage at the depot after smoking from the back of his car, the police said on Wednesday. He then photographed the unloaded garbage mountain – and when looking through the photos, found that there was obviously a human head in the rubbish. The 43-year-old called the police. When inspecting the approximately ten tons of garbage, however, the officers quickly discovered that the suspicious find was a deceptively real-looking silicone head.

Source: AFP

Annweiler: 20 children injured in an accident involving horses on holiday

20 children and a carer were injured in an accident with horses during a holiday vacation in Rhineland-Palatinate on Tuesday. Two girls, aged eleven and 13, were injured so badly that they were brought to clinics by rescue helicopter, as the southern wine route administration and the police informed in the evening. Two children and the caregiver came to surrounding hospitals with moderate injuries. 16 children were slightly injured. The injured children are between ten and 14 years old. None of the children are in mortal danger, the police said.

Police in Ravensburg

Neutraubling / Seeg: Several injuries and fire service operations in bad weather

A violent storm in numerous parts of Bavaria on Tuesday caused numerous police and fire service operations. Eight people were slightly to moderately severely injured by falling branches on Roither Lake (Regensburg district), as the police headquarters in Regensburg announced. In the Upper Palatinate, the officials recorded 41 weather-related missions by evening. A jet ski capsized near Wörth on the Danube and was staffed by three people. They were able to save themselves on the shore, slightly injured. At Traitsching (Cham district) the storm left "a swath of devastation", the police said: "House roofs were covered, telephone poles and trees knocked over." In Seeg in the Ostallgäu district, lightning struck a house roof. Smoke developed from an electrical outlet. According to the police headquarters in Kempten, nobody was injured. The German Meteorological Service had warned of thunderstorms, heavy rain and hail for Tuesday afternoon and evening.

Source: DPA

Waghäusel: Man captured by Zug – stranger is said to have pushed him

A stranger is said to have pushed a man into the track bed during a dispute at the train station in Waghäusel in Baden-Württemberg. He was hit by an approaching train on Tuesday evening and seriously injured, as the Karlsruhe police and public prosecutor announced. The police are looking for the suspect with a large contingent. They are investigating an attempted homicide.

According to initial knowledge, there was a dispute between the two men at the station around 6 p.m. The man who was pushed into the track was still trying to get out, but was caught by the approaching train. He came to a hospital on a rescue helicopter. The railway line was temporarily closed. The identity of the injured person is still unclear. A police spokesman initially did not provide any details on the background of the dispute in the evening.

Source: DPA

Düsseldorf: Search for missing construction worker continues

After the house collapse with a dead man in Düsseldorf, the search for the second missing construction worker continues on Wednesday. A spokesman for the fire brigade said early Wednesday morning that the rubble had been removed from the top. Among other things, two cranes would be used. Before that, the fire department was still busy with security measures.

However, the identity of the two construction workers remains unclear. One of the men could be localized with a camera, but identification with the dust and building rubble was not possible. The body, which was discovered on Tuesday, is "so complicated" under the mountain of rubble and steel, according to the fire brigade, that recovery was not possible until now. The second, missing construction worker had previously been suspected in the basement of having worked there at the time of the collapse. On Tuesday, the emergency services searched cavities with technical help – to no avail. The fire brigade was still on site on the night of Wednesday with around 60 emergency services. The rear building in Düsseldorf city center near the famous Königsallee had partly collapsed on Monday afternoon.

Source: DPA

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News from Germany from Tuesday, July 28th:

Stuttgart: woman drives for 40 years without a license

In Stuttgart, the police checked a car driver and found that she has been driving without a license for 39 years. As the police reported on Tuesday, the 69-year-old is said to have hit a parked car and, after a short conversation with the 31-year-old owner of the damaged vehicle, simply drove away without leaving her personal details. When the officers found the woman, she could not show a driver's license. Investigations in the police information systems and at the driver's license office came to the conclusion that the woman has not had a driver's license since 1981. Nevertheless, she is said to have continued to drive her car regularly. Criminal proceedings are now being initiated against the woman for unauthorized removal from the scene of the accident and for driving without a license.

Source: Stuttgart police

Bielefeld: Poisoned sandwiches – the perpetrator has to pay high compensation

A 59-year-old who has secretly poisoned work colleagues with lead compounds and mercury on snacks and drinks for years must pay pain and suffering compensation of at least one million euros. The relatives of a young man, who died in January at the age of 26 as a result of the crime, were awarded € 580,000 in pain compensation on Tuesday. Another colleague who lost a kidney due to the gradual poisoning is said to receive half a million euros. In addition, the judges obliged the perpetrator to pay for damage that has already occurred and future damage due to loss of earnings – so far, this has added up to another 4,000 euros.

The judges appealed to the verdict of the regional court in March 2019. At that time, the criminal division had no doubt about the serious guilt of the accused and the maximum sentence and subsequent preventive detention. Accordingly, the perpetrator had repeatedly added bread and drinks from the colleagues of a company in Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock in the northeast of North Rhine-Westphalia to mercury and other toxic substances. Video recordings had convicted him. Three colleagues became seriously ill, including the 26-year-old who has since died.

The judges of the labor court, who now decided on the compensation for pain and suffering, emphasized in their reasoning the high degree of guilt of the 59-year-old and the long period of suffering of the victims. The verdict is not yet legally binding.

Source: DPA

Bonn: knife attack in bus – suspected perpetrator is brought before the judge

After a knife attack in a public bus at Bonn Central Station, the 55-year-old suspected perpetrator is to be brought before a judge on Tuesday. The man had seriously injured a 22-year-old passenger at 4 p.m. on Monday afternoon. He was overwhelmed by other passengers and arrested by alarmed police officers. According to initial knowledge, there was no prior relationship between the suspect and the victim. The motif is still unclear. In the meantime, several passengers have already reported to the homicide investigators, the details of which were not yet known. According to the police, about 20 to 30 people were on the bus at the time of the crime.

A police officer photographs the scene of a knife attack in a public bus.

A police officer photographs the scene of a knife attack in a public bus

© Thomas Kraus / DPA

Source: Bonn police

Nuremberg: Drunk eleven-year-old kicks police officers in the face

A very drunk 11-year-old kicked a policeman in the face in Nuremberg. According to the officials, the boy who was living in a care facility was on the road on Tuesday night without permission and was picked up as part of a search by emergency services in an urban park where he had met with others. When he tried to push him into a patrol car, the boy, who was already known for similar nocturnal "trips", kicked and kicked himself. In the back seat, he suddenly turned on his back, kicked a policeman in the face and fled. But he was caught again immediately. As a precaution, officials took the apparently very drunk 11-year-old to a hospital. The boy should be monitored for safety reasons because of his drunkenness. Criminal proceedings for the attacks on the officials do not await him because he is not yet under age.

Source: AFP

Leipheim: Ghost drive was probably an attempt to kill

According to the police, an overturned car on the A8 in Bavaria was not a serious accident, but an attempted murder. A man is said to have attempted to kill his wife in the passenger seat. The police are looking for the 29-year-old who fled the alleged crime on Sunday. He initially left his wife on the highway, but was arrested and taken to a hospital. From there he escaped again on Monday night.

Police and prosecutors assume that the German steered the car on Autobahn 8 near Leipheim in such a way that it hit a noise barrier and overturned. His 28-year-old wife was injured and was hospitalized. The investigators are reported to have evidence of a mental illness of the 29-year-old. But it does not pose any danger to the population.


The destroyed car on Autobahn 8 near Leipheim. The investigators assume that the accident was an attempted murder

© Mario Obeser // Picture Alliance

Source: DPA

Titisee-Neustadt: Slaughtered capercaillie – the defendants apologize

After the violent death of an endangered capercaillie in the Black Forest, the two alleged perpetrators apologized. "I was afraid for my own skin. Today I'm sorry," said the 21-year-old man, who was said to have killed the bird in the presence of his two-year-old friend on Feldberg about a year ago, on Tuesday at the district court in Titisee -Neustadt. They had defended themselves against the hostile animal and were hunted, beaten, choked and spat upon by an outraged group of people after they had let go of the injured capercaillie. The men have to answer for violations of the Federal Nature Conservation Act, the younger one is also accused of killing animals. According to the public prosecutor's office, they are said to have disturbed and frightened the bird up in his protected area after visiting a folk festival on Feldberg in August last year. According to the indictment, the 21-year-old finally killed the capercaillie with a blunt object. The act had been filmed and caused national dismay. Killing an animal for no reasonable reason is prohibited under the Animal Welfare Act. There is a risk of up to three years in prison or fines.

Source: DPA

Bad Reichenhall: 53-year-old hiker has been missing for three days

The Bavarian police are looking for a woman from Munich who has been missing since Friday. The 53-year-old wanted to go hiking. Her last sign of life is an entry in the summit book of the northern summit of the Rabensteinhorn. However, no time was given. Her husband wrote her a WhatsApp in the late afternoon at around 5.45 p.m., which the police said was transmitted but was not read. The cell phone was then disconnected from the mains due to an empty battery and has not been accessible or located since then.

Source: BRK, Police Bavaria

Bocholt: Father injures three-year-old child when turning

On Monday, a three-year-old child was seriously injured in an accident involving his parents' car in Bocholt, Westphalia. As the police report, the 25-year-old father wanted to turn his car when his child was still in the rear side door. The 26-year-old mother was going to put it in the child seat. After a shout from the woman, the father braked. "The three-year-old fell out of the vehicle and got under the car with one leg," it says. The girl was taken to a hospital by ambulance.

Source: Police bark

Düsseldorf: Two people still missing

After the collapse of a back house in Düsseldorf, the fire brigade is still looking for two missing persons. A fire department spokesman said early Tuesday morning that access had been sought all night. The rest of the building is still in acute danger of collapse. The fire brigade has been on site continuously since the accident on Monday afternoon, as it was said.

The multi-storey, empty house was completely renovated when it collapsed. Initially, the forces had assumed a missing person – a 39-year-old – who was suspected under the huge mountain of rubble. In the evening there was the fear that another construction worker might have been buried.

Update 11:04 a.m .: The rescue workers have since recovered the body of a construction worker from the rubble. Another worker is still missing. Read more here.

Source: DPA

News from Germany - Shell construction collapsed in Düsseldorf

Detective dogs and rescuers have been requested to search for the missing worker in the rubble of the building.

© Henning Kaiser / DPA

News from Germany from Monday, July 27th:

Düsseldorf: Shell construction collapsed during construction work – workers missing

In the Düsseldorf center, part of a multi-storey building shell collapsed during construction work. A construction worker is missing, a fire department spokesman said on Monday. Detection dogs and lifeguards were requested. The building complex is at risk of collapse. The shell was in a back yard. Large amounts of rubble, collapsed scaffolding and parts of the wall were visible on an aerial photograph. According to the emergency services, about 50 firefighters were on site. A construction worker came to a hospital for an internist emergency. The cause of the collapse was initially unclear. The windows in the front building were covered with foil. According to fire brigade information, this house and the adjacent building to the back yard are currently being completely renovated. According to their own statements, the emergency services cleared the neighboring building as a precaution. 18 people and the construction workers were looked after by emergency ministers. The police blocked the streets around the scene of the accident.

source: DPA

Watch the video: Three-story house collapses after heavy rains.


Düsseldorf / Prague: Air passengers are said to have sung Nazi songs

Three passengers on a flight from Düsseldorf to Prague were arrested immediately after landing. They were accused of singing Nazi songs, shouting and insulting other travelers on board, a spokesman for the police headquarters in the Czech capital said on Monday. The incident had already occurred on Friday evening. The three men, aged between 37 and 38, made a confession during the interrogation, the spokesman continued. Anyone who shows sympathy for movements in the Czech Republic that suppress human rights can be punished with up to three years in prison. Nazi Germany had incorporated the Sudeten areas of Czechoslovakia after the Munich Agreement of September 1938. On March 15, 1939, the Wehrmacht invaded Prague. Less than six months later, the Second World War began with the attack on Poland.

source: DPA

Soltau: Couple feels threatened by their own cat

In Soltau in the Lower Saxony district of Heidekreis, the police had to save a young couple from their own cat on Sunday night. According to a press release, the couple had just taken in the cat. During the night the two were "woken up, scratched and hissed" by the animal. In the further course, the cat would have shown a dominant and aggressive demeanor, so that the affected did not know how to help other than to call the police. "There were two civil servants who were able to successfully resolve the situation with the appropriate knowledge," it says. The "fighting cat", as the title in the press release, could be placed in a transport cage and sent to its previous location. The animal, the unfortunate intermediate holder and the police officers remained intact. The reason for the behavior has so far remained unclear.

Source: Police Heidekreis

Ludwigshafen: dispute between two families ends with eleven injured

Eleven people were injured in a violent clash between members of two families in Ludwigshafen. The police said in the Palatinate city on Monday. Five injuries were hospitalized for head wounds, a spokesman said. There is no danger to life. The argument had taken place in the family home on Sunday. About 20 people were involved in the conflict. The police were on site with around 70 emergency services and also used pepper spray to pacify the very heated situation, as it was said. Investigations into dangerous bodily harm are ongoing. The police were initially called because a 22-year-old was beaten by two young men. The reason was that the injured wanted to enter into a relationship with a woman from the other family. The dispute was initially settled. Around 9:20 p.m., according to the authorities, there was another clash between the families in the house. Around 20 people between the ages of 17 and 76 were involved. No bystanders and no police officers were injured as a result of the operation, as reported by the Rheinpfalz police headquarters.

source: DPA

Dresden: Car collides with public bus – seven injured

When a car collided with a public bus in Dresden, seven people were injured – two of them seriously. A police spokesman said Monday morning. An 87-year-old woman had to be resuscitated at the scene of the accident because of her serious injuries. A 56-year-old woman also sustained serious injuries. Both women were passengers on the bus. According to the police, drivers and bus drivers are among the slightly injured. Shortly after the accident, it was said that there were ten injuries – including two seriously injured. The driver is to be interviewed on Monday about the accident. The course of events has been largely determined, said a spokesman for the police. Now it is time to determine the cause. So far, there is no evidence that the driver was alcoholic or drove too fast. The accident had occurred around 5 p.m. on Meißner Landstrasse on a completely straight route, as a fire department spokesman said. The bus of the Dresden public transport company was out of town. The road was fully blocked for two hours in both directions, according to police, for the investigation and clearing up. The fire brigade was on site at the scene of the accident in the Stetzsch district with a large contingent of 60 forces.

source: DPA

Berlin: Off-road vehicle races in crowds – 24-year-old at large again

After the serious accident at Berlin Zoo station with six injuries, the driver of the off-road vehicle is again at large. It is no longer being investigated for attempted manslaughter, a police spokesman said on Monday. However, the investigation into dangerous interference in road traffic continued. The 24-year-old was arrested on Sunday morning after the accident, and was not injured. The driver had lost control of the off-road vehicle and had raced into a group of people. Three homeless people Men were seriously injured, three passers-by suffered minor injuries. So far, there is no evidence that the driver wanted to flee the scene of the accident, said the police spokesman. There were also no indications that he intended to crash into the group with the car with the intention of suicide. A breath alcohol test on the 24-year-old had shown about 0.7 per thousand. The car was confiscated. There is also no evidence of political or religious motivation, it said.

source: DPA

Darmstadt: Arrested 38-year-old bites police officer

In the night of Saturday in Darmstadt, a man bit a policeman's finger. The 38-year-old had argued with a friend in the city center and threw several beer bottles at him. Security guards overwhelmed the angry man and held him until the police reached the site. He was not very cooperative with the officials. When he was arrested, he insulted her and finally bit one of the police officers when he was put in the ambulance. As the Darmstadt police report, the detainee spent the night in a detention cell and now faces criminal charges, among other things, on suspicion of resistance and the assault on law enforcement officers. The injured police officer had to be given medical care in the hospital.

source: Police headquarters in South Hesse

Celle: Roller drivers flee from the police into a corn field

On Saturday afternoon, a police officer in the Celler district tried to stop a scooter driver and his companion because the latter was not wearing a helmet. However, as the Celler police report, the driver ignored all requests and fled to a neighboring corn field with his two-wheeled vehicle. There the two men left the scooter behind and fled on foot. The search, which was initiated immediately, was supported by a drone that identified one of the men in a trench after about two hours. There he had tried to hide. The 19-year-old was taken to the police station, and whether the young man is actually one of the perpetrators has to be ascertained. The scooter left behind was reported stolen in Celle a few days earlier.

source: Police inspection Celle

Stuttgart: Man with Samurai sword killed – judgment expected

After the fatal attack with a samurai sword in the middle of a street in Stuttgart last year, the verdict in the murder trial is expected this Monday (2:00 p.m.). The public prosecutor is calling for a 13-year prison sentence and the accused to be placed in a psychiatric ward, the lawyers are demanding acquittal – and treatment in a psychiatric facility. The Jordanian is said to have attacked and killed his former roommate in public and in front of the victim's daughter about a year ago. While the evidence for the crime seems clear, the motive remains unclear according to all testimony.

In the Stuttgart district court, the question should finally be clarified whether the accused acted in a delusion and was therefore incapable of guilt at the time of the crime – or whether he was less in control of his senses and a sentence could still be considered. According to prosecutors, the man killed "with absolute will to destroy". He imagined that he had been abused or ridiculed by the victim. That's why he took a sword out of revenge. The expert had struggled with the psychological assessment of the 31-year-old and classified him as less guilty. The expert attributed some form of religious madness to the accused. However, what partly deviates from a classic delusion: In the discussions, the Jordanian mostly looked controlled and weighed what he said, said the expert. Sometimes the Jordanian claimed to be a prophet, sometimes he himself expressed doubts about it. "Someone with a real psychosis cannot filter what they reveal and what they don't," said the assessor.

source: DPA

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