News from Germany: truck tilts with 24 tonnes of cheese in ditch

News from Germany: truck tilts with 24 tonnes of cheese in ditch

Edewecht: Italian truck with 24 tons of cheese crashed

An unsuccessful overtaking maneuver ended for the driver of a semi-trailer on Thursday in the muddy ditch. According to police, the Italian should have tried to overtake an agricultural machine – while he was apparently on the heel of the Scharreler dam and lost control of his truck. The semitrailer tipped over and remained at the roadside. Rescuers released the driver slightly injured from the driver's cab and took him to a hospital. Elaborate was the recovery of his cargo. Because the truck was loaded with 24 tons of cheese. As reported by the "Nordwest Zeitung", a specialized company with two cranes moved in. As the police continue to report, the cheese had to be reloaded by hand from the accident victim in a refrigerated truck. Only then did a truck crane put the truck back on its wheels. At around 1:30 am the police released the Scharreler Damm.

News from Thursday, March 14th

Remchingen: Drunken bicycle thief piles up with daddy's E-Rolli

A young bicycle thief wanted to lead the police by the nose on Wednesday. The 21-year-old was first observed by a local resident, as he made to bother on a bicycle. When the witness spoke to him, the 21-year-old towered on foot – and without loot. Three patrolmen later tracked down a wheelchair user who matched the description of the alleged thief. When they tried to check the heavily intoxicated man, the officials found that he was by no means physically disabled. He had grabbed his father's electric wheelchair to cover up his act. In a breath alcohol test, the police later determined a value of 1.3 per thousand. On the simpleton now waiting for an ad for attempted theft and drunkenness in traffic.

Goch: Eight year old dies playing hide and seek

In Goch, North Rhine-Westphalia, a terrible casualty accident happened on Thursday, which ended fatally for an eight-year-old boy. The child had injured himself so unhappily on the thigh between shrubs that it was probably bleeding, said the police Kleve. There were fragments of glass and traces of blood discovered in the area. It is still unclear whether the injury was caused by the broken pieces, a sharp branch or the like. This should now clarify the autopsy.

The boy was traveling with a playmate of the same age, when it came to the accident. An emergency doctor could still take him to a hospital. But his condition had deteriorated so much that he died shortly thereafter. The criminal investigation department took up investigations; the family is looked after according to the information.

Hannover: skull found in composting plant

During the treatment of soil in a composting plant workers have discovered a skull in Laatzen, Lower Saxony. The already completely skeletal human head had been noticed on Thursday between sifted stones and branches, police said in Hannover. The age and gender are still unclear.

In the municipal composting plant of the municipality near Hanover, according to the officials, among other things, soil from cemeteries is being worked on. The discovery was made by two employees of a landscaping company who were preparing soil for further use there. The unknown skull bone should be examined by forensic medicine.

Berlin: Unknown attack AfD bus with Bengalos

Unknown people attacked a coach rented by the AfD on Thursday morning. They attacked him at Berlin Ostbahnhof. The police said stones, paint bags and Bengalos were flying. Several discs broke. No one was injured, according to initial findings. According to the AFD, at the time of the attack there were 17 members of the party on the bus. The police state security of the LKA has taken over the investigation. Georg Pazderski, national chairman of AfD Berlin, described the attack in a first reaction via Twitter as "inhuman and criminal".

Weibersbrunn: Brummi driver with bong and 140 things stopped

Gyro Gearloose would probably have had great pleasure in the self-made water pipe of a truck driver, the police pulled out of traffic on the A3 in the morning. The officials thought that was not funny – especially as the reading of the tachograph additionally revealed that the 27-year-old was raced at times with more than 140 kilometers per hour on the highway. A colleague had informed the police after he had been overtaken by the truck racer. He also reported that the man inhaled well visibly with a home-made device. During the inspection, it turned out that the device was a converted to a so-called bong beverage can with which the truck driver is said to have consumed cannabis. As the police reports, the man was significantly under the influence of intoxicants.

Nordhorn: Man attacks woman and steals her dog

In Nordhorn in the north of Germany, a still unknown man has temporarily stolen the dog from a woman whom he alleged to have sexually attacked. As the police announced on Thursday, the 39-year-old was walking last Saturday night with her four-legged friend, as the culprit abruptly attacked them and touched it immoral.

The woman had put up a fight, but had to let go of the dog's leash. At that moment, the man had let go of her and ran away with the dog out of town. Together with several passers-by, the victim started the persecution, a volunteer had subsequently attacked the fugitive with an animal defense spray, so that he let go of the animal and made his way to the dust.

Now the officials are looking for the man who is described as follows:

  • about 30 years old
  • about 180 centimeters tall
  • short, middle blond hair with bald head
  • medium blond mustache
  • dressed in a bomber jacket and a gray hoodie
  • He also wore dark sweatpants and dark sneakers with a bright sole
  • spoke German with Eastern European accent

Information on the perpetrator is received by the police under the phone number (05921) 3090.

Munich: Police say goodbye to Dienstpferd

The police Munich has said goodbye with a touching Facebook post of duty horse "Freddy". For seven years, the now 13-year-old Oldenburg gelding for the policewoman Verena was "more than just a service horse", it says in the post, which was attached to a picture of the now former "team". Freddy said that he had "nervously and reliably assisted the Munich police during many missions".

Now, the gelding can enjoy his well-deserved retirement on sprawling paddocks of a Gnadenhofs in Upper Bavaria, write the officials.

Garmisch-Partenkirchen: 53-year-old from Zug overrun because she wanted to save her dog

When she tried to catch her dog, a woman in Bavaria was hit by a train and killed. As the police announced, the 53-year-old woman waited on Wednesday evening with her dog in front of a closed barrier at a railroad crossing in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. When her dog then suddenly ran on the tracks, the woman hurried after. She was caught by a train in the direction of Seefeld (Austria). She died at the scene of the accident. Even the dog did not survive the accident. The railway remained closed for more than three hours, according to the Deutsche Bahn.

Roetgen: Tornado devastates Eifelgemeinde, ten houses uninhabitable

A wind-troubled on Wednesday evening in the Eifelgemeinde Roetgen caused chaos. Short and violent, the tornado swept through the town, said a spokesman for the fire department. And he left a trail of devastation. About 40 houses were damaged in the 8600-soul community near the Belgian border. "Ten of them are no longer habitable," according to the fire brigade management. In two houses, the Windhose destroyed the upper floor. In the whole place many windows were broken. A local hotelier offered the storm-affected residents free rooms and lodging. Five people were easily injured in the rare spectacle of nature. Since Thursday morning is cleaned up in Roetgen. At night, fire and rescue services with more than 200 forces were deployed.

Wernigerode: Senior racing with cars in chicken coop

The morning trip by car ended for a retiree and her small car on Wednesday in a chicken coop. According to police, the 80-year-old had strayed off the lane on a country lane and crashed into the home of the chickens. She was slightly injured. Total loss thus arose both on the car of the elderly woman as well as the chicken coop. The fire department hid the wreckage. The property damage is according to initial estimates at about 4,000 euros. Whether at the surprise visit and chickens came to harm, is not known.

News from Wednesday, March 13th

Berlin: 11-year-old is said to have threatened students with a firearm weapon

An eleven-year-old was worried and alarmed at a primary school in Berlin-Spandau on Tuesday morning. Accordingly, elementary students watched as the boy handled a pistol. They alerted their teachers, who contacted the police. When the officials arrived at the school, the child had disappeared. According to police, the boy fled to his home, where he was picked up a little later. The gun had been discovered in the afternoon in a nearby forest area. "It was a firearm weapon that was not loaded," the police report said. It will now be determined where the pistol comes from. The portal "" quotes the mother of a student. According to the suspicious boy, the gun was aimed at other students. The background of the incident is unclear.

Inden: Police are looking for witnesses to find corpses

Police Düren is looking for a body finding witnesses. Already in November 2018 the corpse of a man was found in Lucherberger See in the municipality of Inden. Investigations have not yet led to his identification. Now the police released a tattoo the dead man wore, hoping to get some clue to the man. The dead man is about 1.60 to 1.65 meters tall and must have been in the water for some time. He was dressed in a dark blue tracksuit with a medium blue stripe on the outside and a red pullover. The man has a bald head on his head and short, dark hair on the back of his head. Striking are two tattoos on the upper arms, especially the motif on the outside of the right upper arm. This is a lion's head and the word "Leu" in black color. The police ask for information from the population on the telephone number 02421 949 81 15 or at any police station

Bremen: Teenager sent extortionate sexmail

A teenager from Bremen has been identified as a suspect for extortionate sexmail. As the central office Cybercrime Bayern and the Bavarian State Office for Criminal Investigation announced on Wednesday, the 17-year-old could be determined despite intensively used methods of concealment and anonymization. In his room in his parents' home, the investigators could thus ensure comprehensive evidence in a raid in November. According to the investigators, the suspect belongs to a whole series of independently acting perpetrators and groups of offenders, who should be responsible for the occurrence of such spam mails that accumulated in the past year.

In the then news had been played to the recipients that their computer was infected with malware that unnoticed makes video recordings on the webcam. The perpetrators in most cases claimed to have made video footage of the user when visiting pornographic websites or engaging in sexual acts. It was then threatened to spread the images – to prevent this, bitcoin money should be paid in the form of the cryptocurrency. An actual danger for the recipients of the mails did not exist, in no case actually malware was installed. At least in the case of this suspect so far no payment has been proven. As a spokesman for the Cybercrime Central Agency said, this could be because the suspect was not the first offender, but imitated the scam.

Schwerte: Passengers handcuffed into train – police operation

Unusual use for the police in the North Rhine-Westphalian sword: During a train ride, a 32-year-old had handcuffed his friend for fun, which he had previously bought on the Internet. As the conductor wanted to control the tickets, the metal shackles tightened so tight that it was quite painful for the 50-year-old and also the blood supply in the hands faltered. Unfortunately, nobody had a key for the handcuffs. The train attendant alerted the police and fire brigade who were waiting for the train at the station. Equipped with a large bunch of keys, the officers could open the handcuffs with the appropriate key and save the man the use of a bolt cutter.

Bochum: Construction workers slain by collapsing wall

In Bochum, two men were killed in an accident at work. A third was seriously injured. As the police announced on the rescue workers on Tuesday afternoon at 15:40 clock reached an emergency call. On the former Opel site, a 15 x 20 meter brick wall of an old workshop collapsed and buried two men. Another construction worker was injured, he was taken to a hospital. Immediately, the forces began to free the two victims. After a few minutes both could be freed from the rubble. Unfortunately, the present emergency doctor could only determine her death. Why the wall collapsed is still unclear. Chaplains took care of workers as well as other employees. Identify the police and the OSH office.

Fire and rescue services are after the collapse of a wall at the scene of the accident.

Forces are after the collapse of the brick wall on the site of the former Opel plant at the scene of the accident

News from Tuesday, March 12th

Hildesheim: School excludes 107 pupils from school because of missing measles vaccination

After the measles outbreak at a comprehensive Hildesheim school, 107 pupils were excluded from teaching until the end of next week due to a lack of vaccine protection. This informed the district Hildesheim after a review of the vaccination status of all 700 students on Tuesday. The Ministry of Health in Hanover had justified the drastic measure to deny students access to the school. The school should, in consultation with the district health authority, make a legal trade-off between compulsory education and the protection of children from an infectious disease.

Konstanz: man walks with tube bomb in police station

With a self-built pipe bomb an apparently mentally ill man turned up at a police station in Constance on Monday. The native of Venezuela 39-year-old had entered the area around noon with a plastic bag and put this with the reference to a table that there is an explosive device. Report police and prosecutors. The officers immediately arrested the man and cleared the entrance, the stairwell, and all adjacent rooms. Called specialists examined the contents of the plastic bag and found a metal tube filled with black powder and nails with a detonating cord. If it detonated, the explosive device would have resulted in fatal injuries within ten yards, say the Delaborators. During the interrogation, the alleged perpetrator finally conceded to have pursued suicidal intentions with the pipe bomb. As the police further said, the man had been noticed in recent years several times for suicide attempts.

Stuttgart: Seats in S-Bahn prepared with needles

In Stuttgart, strangers have prepared three seats in a S-Bahn with 4.5 centimeters long sewing needles. Police reported Monday that a 64-year-old and a 51-year-old were slightly injured as they sat on the needles. Another traveler also wanted to sit on a prepared seat, but noticed the "prank" in time. The police are now investigating dangerous bodily harm.

Letmathe: Dodger threatens checker with knife

In Letmathe in the Märkischer Kreis in NRW, a ticket inspector was threatened on Saturday by a man with a knife. As the police reported on Monday, the inspector had previously checked in a regional train the tickets of passengers. "Just before he came to a 30- to 40-year-old man, got up and went to the ticket machine on the train," said the officials. It had come to a change of word, the controlled would have become louder and louder. The railway employee asked him to leave the train and wanted to clear the matter on the platform. There, the passenger suddenly pulled a knife and held it to the controller's chest while yelling at him.

Afterwards he had gone away, put the knife away and declared that checkers would "annoy him" constantly – even if they only did their job, as he admitted.

Rees: Woman gets out of the car at the railroad crossing just in time

A 57-year-old woman escaped on Monday in the North Rhine-Westphalian town of Rees in the district of Kleve just barely a disaster. The police reported that the woman was traveling in her small car in the early evening. At a turn, she had to cross a railroad crossing. But when she stood with her car on the tracks, the barriers would have closed in front of her. "As a freight train approached from the direction of Oberhausen, the car driver got out of her vehicle and left the danger zone," the report says. The driver of the freight train could not have stopped on time despite emergency braking, and the railcar collided with the car. According to the police nobody was injured in the accident. The railway was subsequently closed for clean-up and investigation work completely.

Waldshut-Tiengen: Police find escaped patients drunk at home on sofa

While fleeing the hospital, a patient in Waldshut-Tiengen fell asleep at home on his sofa – and was discovered there by the police. The 34-year-old had been hospitalized drunk with a laceration on his head, the police said. Later, however, he simply left the clinic, although there was still an access in his arm and he should remain for observation. "They probably did not give him anything to drink there," speculated a police spokesman. Civil servants eventually found the fugitive sleeping on their couch at home. An alcohol test showed: The man had 4.14 per thousand in the blood. Without protest, he was taken back to the hospital.

Gotha: Woman calls police because cock crows

A woman in Thuringia called the police on the scene, because she felt disturbed by the morning crows of the neighboring cock. The 55-year-old from the Ilm district saw himself on Saturday morning by the Gekrähe brought to sleep and asked the officials to intervene, as the police in Gotha announced on Monday. The Ordnungsamt had already informed the woman about the matter. After consultation with the owner of the Hahn and the complainant, the police referred to the civil-law way of clarification, as stated in the communication.

News from Monday, March 11th

Grevenbroich: A dead after failed Ausparkmanöver

An unsuccessful Ausparkmanöver has demanded in Grevenbroich (North Rhine-Westphalia) one fatality and two seriously injured. The police said that an 83-year-old man had lost control of his vehicle while driving backwards out of a parking space and had collided with four pedestrians.

An 81-year-old and a 76-year-old were seriously injured, a 92-year-old, also caught in the car, died a little later in a hospital. The accident driver and another pedestrian suffered minor injuries, according to the police. The investigations are ongoing.

Ostallgäu: Missing avalanche victim salvaged after two weeks

Two weeks after an avalanche loss in Ostallgäu a missing person has been found. A hunter discovered the body of the man on Saturday at the foot of the avalanche slope in the Ammergau Alps, as the police in Kempten announced. He was recovered by mountain guides. The 43-year-old ski tourer was buried in an avalanche at the end of February.

Around 70 rescue workers were deployed at that time. They were able to recover several ski tourers unhurt. A man suffered serious injuries, a 42-year-old could only be recovered dead then. The search for the missing person had been interrupted after several days because of the rising avalanche danger.

Düsseldorf: Essen not picked up, snack staff rescues regular customers' lives

Out of concern for a regular customer, the owner of a barbeque on the weekend informed the police and probably saved the man's life. The 54-year-old had ordered according to police at his base snack in Martin Street food. When he did not pick up his order as usual at 5:45 pm, one of the employees worried and called the police. The officials determined the place of residence in Dusseldorf-Friedrichstadt and gained access because there was no sign of life from the apartment. Rescuers found the man unconscious there. Apparently there was acute danger to life. The 54-year-old would probably have died without timely help. He was hospitalized.

Kassel: Thieves steal 560 Apple iPhones from warehouse

Unknown persons made fat loot last week in a warehouse in Schauenburg, Hesse. As the police reported Nordhessen, the thieves captured smartphones worth more than 500,000 euros. According to the perpetrators hit with massive force a hole in a wall and stole about 560 smartphones of the Apple brand. The property damage should be at several thousand euros. Due to the amount of prey, the police assume that the strangers carry away the stolen goods with a pickup truck. Further investigations continue.

Lippe: Tank thieves spill over, police dog brings one to the line

Not right on the thing were on Saturday night two brazen Tank thieves in the Westphalian Lippe. According to the police, the two men drove in their car, filled the tank and later several canisters. Instead of the required diesel fuel but they caught the fuel nozzle for gasoline. The thieves did not realize their faux pas until the engine of their car refused to serve. The open bill of 144 euros they could not pay. With the promise to get the money, the duo fled on foot. Previously, the two mounted Belorussian license plates. When they returned after about an hour to get the car, police dog "Leon" was waiting for the two men. He caught a 24-year-old Russian who wanted to escape again. He came to the hospital with a bite injury. His accomplice was able to flee unrecognized. As the police later determined, the vehicle's license plates were stolen.

Waiblingen: "Threesome" in the pavilion, police intervene

Policemen have finished on Saturday on the small alder island a so-called "brisk threesome". Previously, some young people had noticed how two women and a man under a pavilion "with sexual moaning performed the sexual act," it says in a police report from which the "Stuttgarter Nachrichten" quote. The alarmed patrol had intervened and have ended the public sex of the trio. The 31-year-old man and the two women, 26 and 32 years old, is threatened with an ad because of the excitement of public nuisance.

Gyhum: Ersthelfer dies after accident on A1

In a serious traffic accident, a first-aider died on the first Monday morning on Highway 1. As reported by the highway police in a first report, two cars had been involved in the accident in Gyhum, Lower Saxony. Thus, around 2 o'clock in the morning, a 24-year-old with his car on the rain-slippery road to skid, bounced against the Mittelleitplanke and tipped on the road to. The 59-year-old driver of a semi-trailer watched the accident and stopped on the hard shoulder to help. Seconds later, a car crashed with a Danish couple first in the truck and then in the accident site. The first responder was mortally wounded. Only at 8 clock the police lifted the full closure.

Wuppertal: Eight houses evacuated due to danger of collapse

The police and public order office have brought about 70 residents from their homes in the Wuppertal Beyeröhde on Sunday evening. Cracks were found in the walls of a total of eight residential buildings. Apparently there is a risk of collapse. Residents had heard a suspicious crack and then dialed the emergency call. The city Wuppertal formed a crisis staff. According to town spokeswoman Martina Eckermann cavities have formed under the partly 100-year-old houses. Why is currently still unclear. The tenants concerned were, according to a report of the "image" mostly in acquaintances and relatives. The endangered area in front of the houses was cordoned off.

News from Germany

Eight houses had to evacuate police and public order on Sunday in Wuppertal. The buildings are risk of collapse.

Frankfurt: 23-year-old spits and insults officials as a Nazi

Apparently out of the blue on Friday evening at a subway station a police officer has been attacked by a stranger. As the "Frankfurt New Press" According to reports, the official was on his way home and was waiting for the Konstablerwache to board. Suddenly a woman spit on him and insulted him as a "Nazi". Accordingly, she did not want to disclose her personal details at first. When the attacked the 23-year-old then wanted to bring to the police station, they should have threatened him with death and torn in the dispute the service shirt. Only on the spot could the angry young woman be identified. The officers gave her a reprimand and let her go.

Swell: police Press/"Stuttgarter Nachrichten"/"Frankfurt New Press"

Goose bumps from Dusseldorf: landings run so turbulently during the storm "Eberhard"

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