verb (used with object), non·plussed or non·plused, non·plus·sing or non·plus·ing.

  1. to render utterly perplexed; puzzle completely.


  1. a state of utter perplexity.

verb -plusses, -plussing or -plussed or US -pluses, -plusing or -plused

  1. (tr) to put at a loss; confoundhe was nonplussed by the sudden announcement

noun plural -pluses

  1. a state of utter perplexity prohibiting action or speech

adj.c.1600, past participle adjective from nonplus. v.“to bring to a nonplus, to perplex,” 1590s, from the noun (1580s), properly “state where ‘nothing more’ can be done or said,” from Latin non plus “no more, no further” (see plus). Related: Nonplussed.

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