Norway: Corona outbreak on Hurtigruten ship - 35 infections

Norway: Corona outbreak on Hurtigruten ship – 35 infections

Corona outbreak on Hurtigruten ship – meanwhile 35 infections

The MS Roald Amundsen

The MS Roald Amundsen, who travels the Hurtigruten, arrives with people infected with corona. Four crew members of a passenger ship belonging to the Norwegian shipping company Hurtigruten have tested positive for the corona virus.

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After an outbreak of the coronavirus on the Hurtigruten ship "Roald Amundsen", 35 crew members have now tested positive for Covid-19. 60 passengers are in quarantine in Tromsø.

+++ Update: Two further infections were reported in the late Saturday afternoon. This increases the total number of infections to 35. This has been updated in the text +++

It was to be the comeback for the Hurtigruten ship "Roald Amundsen" after the first wave of Corona. But the virus leaves the cruise ship in port for the time being: after the outbreak of the corona virus under the crew in Norway, 31 other crew members tested positive for the virus. This increases the number of detected infections from four to 35. This was shared by the shipping company Hurtigruten and the municipality of Tromsø, according to Norwegian radio NRK on Saturday with. The corona tests of 120 of the 158 crew members were negative, five others had to be tested again. According to the Norwegian newspaper "Aftenposten" there are no guests on board.

Passengers are contacted

The expedition ship is still anchored in Tromsø in Northern Norway and is being isolated, there are no passengers on board. The "Roald Amundsen"set to set sail for Spitsbergen on Friday afternoon – the trip was canceled, however, after the first infections among crew members of the ship became known on Friday. These four people came to a university hospital.

The 154 crew members remaining on board, including the 31 new positive cases, had no signs or symptoms of Covid 19 disease, explained Hurtigruten. All passengers on the two tours with the "Roald Amundsen" that started on July 17 and 24 were informed of the situation. All of these passengers would have to be in quarantine for ten days. According to Norwegian media reports, the total number of passengers is around 380.

Traveler tested positive after Hurtigruten trip

According to media reports, there are 60 passengers arriving on Friday morning Tromso came ashore, were quarantined there. Others would be contacted. "We are very sorry for the situation. We now have a strong focus on looking after our employees and guests who are still in Tromsø," said Daniel Skjeldam, head of the newspaper's Hurtigruten.

How NRK Previously, the local doctor in the Vesterålen region said on Wednesday that a passenger who was on the ship last week had been diagnosed with an infection. Skjeldam said that an assessment had been made when it found out. "We observed whether we had symptoms with crew members or with guests who had boarded or disembarked. We did not."

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The travel companions had been tested on Covid-19 with negative results. "Based on the information we had at the time, the assessment was that the infection must have occurred after the person was on the ship was, "says the Hurtigruten boss. He rejects that new passengers have arrived after the infection became known.

Skjeldam stated that 33 of the 35 crew members infected with Covid-19 came from the Philippines, according to the NRK. "One of Hurtigruten's main theories is that the infection with one of the crew members came from the Philippines. They came on board on July 17 and 24," said the CEO. All test and quarantine rules for international crew members have been followed.

The Norwegian health authority FHI thinks it is possible that other people may have contracted the infection. "It cannot be ruled out that there are several infected people, but we will only find out after the tests have been carried out and the quarantine period has expired. It is now important that the passengers on the two trips with the Roald Amundsen are under quarantine ", said Line Vold from FHI.

Swell: DPA news agency, "Aftenposten", NRK

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