1. without value, effect, consequence, or significance.
  2. being or amounting to nothing; nil; lacking; nonexistent.
  3. Mathematics. (of a set)
    1. empty.
    2. of measure zero.
  4. being or amounting to zero.


  1. Electronics. a point of minimum signal reception, as on a radio direction finder or other electronic meter.

verb (used with object)

  1. to cancel; make null.


  1. null and void, without legal force or effect; not valid: This contract is null and void.


  1. without legal force; invalid; (esp in the phrase null and void)
  2. without value or consequence; useless
  3. lacking distinction; characterlessa null expression
  4. nonexistent; amounting to nothing
  5. maths
    1. quantitatively zero
    2. relating to zero
    3. (of a set) having no members
    4. (of a sequence) having zero as a limit
  6. physics involving measurement in which an instrument has a zero reading, as with a Wheatstone bridge

adj.“void of legal force,” 1560s, from Middle French nul, from Latin nullus “not any, none,” from ne- “not, no” (see un-) + illus “any,” diminutive of unus “one” (see one).

  1. Of or relating to a set having no members or to zero magnitude.
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