adjective, nut·ti·er, nut·ti·est.

  1. abounding in or producing nuts.
  2. nutlike, especially in flavor.
  3. Slang.
    1. silly or ridiculous: a nutty suggestion.
    2. eccentric; queer.
    3. insane.
    4. very or excessively interested, excited, or the like: He’s nutty about Mexican food.
  4. full of flavor or zest; lively; stimulating; meaty: He offered several rich, nutty ideas on the subject.

adjective -tier or -tiest

  1. containing or abounding in nuts
  2. resembling nuts, esp in taste
  3. a slang word for insane
  4. (foll by over or about) informal extremely fond (of) or enthusiastic (about)

early 15c., “nut-like,” from nut + -y (2). Meaning “crazy” is from 1898 (see nuts); earlier “amorous, in love (with),” 1821. Related: Nuttiness.

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